Dear readers and experimenters,

I have a bad news: I have carried out the Lorentz perpendicular action experiment, blogspot
. It seems that the magnetic force on the test coil in perpendicular position has apparently the same magnitude than in parallel position. This shows that there is an error in my calculation or in my theory. I think of the experimenters who may be doing this experiment and decide to announce immediately this news to inform them.

Firstly, I want to say sorry to them who have given me their trust. I also want to thanks the readers who have given their time to consider my theory. I preferred to announce this news by my self rather than by someone else who would carry it out and find negative result. I believe that honesty is essential in sciences.

I’m searching actively what is the error and will be back because, although this experiment failed, my paradoxes about the Lorentz force law still hold and this force cannot generate freely energy.

Thanks to you all.


9 February 2013

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