We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I’m back from my jaunt down to Augusta, GA. I had a good time talking with the faculty and students and my talk was well-received — I got some really good questions from the students and even the biology folks said they understood most of it (I may have lost them temporarily when I talked about the guts of atomic clocks, such as the mention of Zeeman splitting of atomic sublevels). The room was reasonably full, too — maybe 60-70 people. The only real glitch was the previously mentioned swapping of NRL for USNO. If I had had time to add a slide to the talk I would have put up a map showing the geographical difference in our locations, and then say how wonderful it is to be in South Carolina (which, like NRL, is right across the river), but I instead opted to mildly embarrass my navy buddy by calling him Ensign and telling about calling up the USNO Master Clock voice announcer. But I kid because I love, and I think he’s done a great job in helping to build up the physics program there and I had a wonderful time visiting with some old friends. Back to regular blogging soon!