One thought on “He Had a Good Run

  1. I don’t see how it’s any different that in 360BC elaborate truths were upheld by expert individuals, as opposed to now where groups of individuals uphold these same complex certainties. In fact I see this as a triumph in assuring the participation of everyone in contributing to the greater knowledge of society. What could be more important than giving every person the ability to make their own informed decision?

    How is what we see today anything more than an extension of yesterday? Government exists, and has always existed, because the information that is available conflicts and opinions need to be sorted by individuals who can do so. The fact that someone (a expert in government non the less) made a stupid comment doesn’t lead to a factual conclusion that freedom of information is somehow bad, because honestly this seems to be the subtle undertone to the thesis. When he notes about the ‘expert source’ I wanted to reach through my screen. He says it like individuals should not have a right to deliberate on topics.

    It’s not freedom of information and communication that is corrupting the system. The detrimental flaw is in our leadership, their capacity to process this information, and the current social organization that ensures their continued subsistence in convolution and inappropriate execution of the facts.

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