It's so Big! It's Just so Big!

Infinity is weird: how big is infinity?

How big is infinity? Most people, though familiar with the general concept of infinity, would probably answer with a simple, question-dodging response of “infinite.” To be fair, the infinite is a really difficult concept to wrap one’s head around, and still causes challenges and puzzles in mathematics to this day.

2 thoughts on “It's so Big! It's Just so Big!

  1. I think infinity is not any number It is only a word to describe that the quantity about which we are talking or using the word ,is too much large .

  2. In the manner of Ragnarok, socialism, (3,472,073)^7 (4,627,011)^7 = (4,710,868)^7, and the smallest infinity, things get exciting toward the end unless you know the punch line ahead of time.

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