Obscure Trivia Question

How do I impress a physicist on a date?

The main answer is good, and related to What (not) to Say When You Meet a Physicist (especially the persistent idea that all we want to do is teach people physics), but there’s also this

Don’t – tell that great science joke you heard two years ago. We’ve heard it all. even the one about the neutron that walks into a bar.

One thought on “Obscure Trivia Question

  1. Do we really want intelligent people reproducing, destroying social agendas?

    The California Academic Performance Index (reported by race, to show fairness) says the 700,000 student $7 billion/year Los Angeles Unified School District has an average IQ hovering between 83 – 86 (not counting its Official 30-% dropout rate that is some 40% real world). How dare you try to end this cashflow beauty!

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