Safety Tips

As if a physicist fence could keep us out or in.

He informs me that it is actually a “physicist fence” which is used to keep the physicists on campus and prevent them from roaming free in the community and administering random physics lessons to unsuspecting citizens.

Don’t forget: we know how to tunnel. We learn that in quantum mechanics.

No, the best way to keep us from administering random physics lessons is to provide us with fun toys like lasers and vacuum systems to keep us occupied, to not make eye contact, and say nothing to encourage us (questions or leading statements).

True story: last week, out at lunch, one of the gang (not a physicist) got two containers of cream for his coffee. He mused, out loud, “I wonder if they have the same volume?” He then emptied one into his cup, and put the other one down! How do you ask the question and then not follow through? I opened the second and emptied it into the first, and confirmed that they were the same volume.

So, avoid things like that, or “I wonder how that works,” or baiting us with obviously wrong statements (“It swirls that way because of the Coriolis force” or “Relativity is crap”). And don’t attempt nerd sniping.