Murder Most Fowl

Fowl play? Giant rubber duck drowns in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s favorite new resident, a giant inflatable duck, took a turn for the worse on Wednesday, looking less like an oversized lovable plaything and more like an unappetizing fried egg on the water.

The 16.5-meter (54 feet) inflatable sculpture mysteriously lost its mojo overnight, deflated and bobbed lifelessly in Victoria Harbour.

There's Always Room

Han Solo “frozen” in Jello

Easter Island statue

This is with 25% less water than the normal recipe, but the forms are still not quite stiff enough and tend to fall apart when I take the out of the tray. Also, not holding up well to handling. More experimentation after I, um, dispose of this work.

The Next Austin Powers Movie?

How To Steal The Space Shuttle: A Step-By-Step Guide

I asked both officers if they thought, given Bond supervillian-levels of resources, it would be possible for someone to steal the shuttle.

They made two mistakes in their answers. First mistake was that the first cop told me it was “impossible.” The second mistake was that the other policeman told me “I won’t say impossible.” Now it sounds like a challenge.