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Crazy Circle Illusion

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Analysis of this and more over at Bad Astronomy.

Go Already

I’ve been a little under the weather this week, so apologies for ignoring the blog. Catching up with my internet scouring. Here’s some Music + many illusions from OK Go

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Just Fade Away

Click and stare at one spot in this and notice the image fade away.

Fading Image

They Only Look Like the Best Illusions of the Year

The Best Illusions of the Year

Every year, the Neural Correlate Society (which promotes scientific research into how sensory perception affects the brain) holds a contest for the best illusions of the year, and they’ve announced their top ten such brain-benders for 2014. To qualify, the illusions had to be published no earlier than 2013, or be previously unpublished.

They’re really are fun to look at; it’s amazing how your brain can be tricked

Cat Tested, Cat Approved Illusion

An Optical Illusion You’ll Swear Is Moving. It Isn’t.

I’ve linked to Moiré illusions before, but having the feline seal of approval is new, and Phil goes through a nice tutorial on them.

Darth Says to Take Lorraine to the Dance

Three Illusions That Will Destroy Your Brain

[W]atch this, and if it doesn’t melt your brain, I can no longer help you.

Too Legit to Parse

“U Can’t Parse This” Illusion Dance

Oh, What the Heck. Illusions for Everyone!

Weekend Diversion: The Master of Illusions

Management Not Responsible For Blown Minds

Spinning dancer illusion goes to the next level

Which direction is the dancer spinning?
Is the dancer is spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise?

When decided, be prepared. Your mind will be blown. See the next picture!

Hocus Pocus

Something Up His Sleeve, Part 1

While we know [magicians are] not breaking the rules of nature, we also know that we’re powerless to stop them from appearing to break the rules of nature. If we don’t know the secret behind the illusion, they can easily fool us. Sometimes even if we do know the secret behind the illusion—sometimes even if we’re magicians—they can still fool us.

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