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A War of Words

Best Word Ever- The Final Brackets

64 words square off to find the best. Click through for results. Personally, I think both Hornswoggle and Kerfuffle got hosed.

Unit Cancellation is Weird

XKCD’s What If: Bird Droppings

Gas mileage is measured in square meters.
You can even plug it into Wolfram|Alpha, and it’ll tell you that 20 MPG is about 0.1 square millimeters (roughly the area of two pixels on a computer screen).
Unit cancellation is weird.

Now That's a Sticky Situation

Maple syrup heist baffles Quebec

Thieves in the Canadian province of Quebec may have pulled off the sweetest heist of all time, siphoning off a reservoir of maple syrup from a warehouse and cleverly covering up their caper to evade detection, an industry group said on Friday.

Taken From Us Too Soon

The Graveyard Of Shelved Ice Cream Flavors

Like most cemeteries, the Flavor Graveyard attracts its share of mourners and other visitors.

“It’s not uncommon,” Greenwood says. “You walk up to the graveyard here, and there’ll be fans that are up here putting flowers next to a headstone, or down on one knee, kind of paying their respects.”

I’ve never seen that kind of dedication in a droid before.

The Right Tool for the Job

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Gettin' Social With It

Went to share a link on twitter, and the “share this” popup on the web page didn’t include it. So I clicked on the “more” button.

I had no idea. I’ve never heard of most of these.

That's Learn Them Rainbows

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Don't Try This With Cats

Outdoor Storage Lockers Keep Dogs Safe While You Shop

The Hundehiet (meaning Dog Den in Norwegian) was recently spotted by Henrick Eriksson outside a grocery store in Oslo, Norway. For just 10 Danish kroner (around $1.72 USD), you can keep your dog safe and dry in a storage unit while you go in and shop.

A similarly-themed feline enterprise run by Erwin Schrödinger had some customer service problems when only half of the inhabitants survived.

The Toys of Dr. Moreau's Kids

EMSL: LEGO Abominations

When Sand Castles are Not Enough

Billionaire sheikh carves his name in desert so big it can be seen from SPACE

The name is two miles across — with letters a kilometre high. It is so huge that the “H”, the first “A” and part of the “M” have been made into waterways.

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