2 thoughts on “When Sand Castles are Not Enough

  1. Is it cultural that I (an Englishman) thinks that it has been written upside down?

  2. Vastly less damaging to the world and to Arabia than Obamanation, for a minuscule fraction of the price, and certainly less visually offensive than anything wrought by Frank Gehry. Msr. HAMAD brings into perspective the recent US Media frenzy about the “starving” Horn of Africa and how we must “give.” If self-caused local problems deserve anything at all, it is local solutions, either way.

    Let us crack to the bone’s marrow: Why did the sheikh use Latinate rather than Arabic script? Italic would have been a deeper statement. A true wag would have gone Comic Sans. Helvetica is rather a cold typeface, though the benchmark for most written communication.

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