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Status Update

Not much time for blogging recently — getting together with family, travel (made longer because it involved a snowstorm), a stiff back from the car ride and the lugging of that which is lugged, and now, apparently, the fruit of the traditional holiday first sharing of germs. To be followed by the inevitable second sharing, when everyone returns to work/school.

I Will Follow You

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The Eagle Didn't Snatch that Kid, but This Might

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Another Top-10 List

Top Physics Breakthroughs of the 13th Baktun

We’re at that time of year where people publish lists of top stories of the year, but as many crazy people will be happy to remind you, this Friday marks the end of another calendrical period, in the Mayan calendar.

[H]ere are the Top Ten Physics Breakthroughs of Baktun 13

Stocking Stuffers

Cocktail Party Physics: dinosaurs, mars, and kareem abdul jabbar: science books for the kids on your shopping list

Cosmic Variance: Ten Toys That You Won’t Mind Buying

I Could Explain it Better, but I'd Need Charts, and Graphs, and an Easel

20 Great Infographics of 2012

Don't Mess With Heisenberg

If you do, you’ll be sorry

Flaaaaame Oooooon!

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…on fire slow mo flying liquids. Filmed at 2500fps

I Am Killing the Planet with my Christmas Spirit

Dot Physics: How Much Does It Cost to Power Your Christmas Lights?

Rhett also analyzes the Griswold house’s consumption from Christmas Vacation, with its over-exaggerated decoration and also set in an era when the tree lighting was less efficient.

Lamont Cranston Physics

Snapping an atom’s shadow? Now that’s a first

The picture leading this article shows the shadow cast in a laser beam by a single Ytterbium atom suspended in empty space. At Griffith University, we have has pioneered the use of Fresnel lenses (a type of lens for large aperture and short focal length – producing an ultra hi-res miscroscope) to capture high-resolution images of atoms.

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