Toys in the Office: Gettin' Medieval


Bought this trebuchet as a kit several years ago, and put it together over the Memorial day weekend back then. I had seen a NOVA special about some men who built two using in-period tools, and then knocked down a wall with them. When I ran across the kits on the intertubes, I couldn’t get my wallet out fast enough. It came with what looked to be ~50 caliber musket shot, which is not exactly conducive to indoor testing, so I substituted balled-up aluminum foil. It’s a favorite of some visitors, including the safety inspector(!).

Here’s a Trebuchet Challenge for testing your mad siege engine skillz.

0 thoughts on “Toys in the Office: Gettin' Medieval

  1. I’m jealous again! I’ve been meaning to make myself a little trebuchet, but haven’t quite gotten around to it. I did find that there’s a nice little book out there about how to build them, though.