One thought on “Whatever Happened to Magnetic Monopoles?

  1. Otto Stern was a Nobel Laureate because the Dirac equation failed for proton magnetic moment – the proton is a composite particle. Yang and Lee were pariahs (Christmas 1956) then Nobel Laureates (December 1957) by observing Co-60 decay – the Weak interaction is chiral. Theory was demonstrably incomplete.

    Theory predicts what observation tells it to predict. If theory predicts nothing, it is still vulnerable to observation.

    Auroras show where incoming electric charges are funneled toward the ground by Earth’s magnetic field. Physicists then know where incoming magnetic charges will be funneled toward the ground. The magnetic north pole is located,

    Erect a series of three large area orthogonal multi-turn round superconducting loops attached to SQUID detectors at presumptive sweet spots. A magnetic monopole pasign through will give a persistent inductive signature. Charged particle detectors cover background. It is no crazier than the axion telescope, and guaranteed no less productive. A single magnetic monopole symmetrizes Maxwell’s equations,

    Somebody should look.

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