"Woman Scorned" Now Available in Bottles

Creating Hell in a Pop Bottle

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Some outstanding slow-motion combustion, thermodynamics, and safety advice. Half a gram of water turns into about a liter of Hydrogen + Oxygen. Then, boom!

[W]hen H2 and O2 burn, there is actually a reduction in the number of molecules of gas, which would, if all other conditions were the same actually produce a reduction in pressure, however the temperature of the exhaust gas is not the same, it goes from about 300K to 3000K which in a confined system would increase the pressure from about 1 to 10 atmospheres. This is getting close to the failure threshold of these bottles, and also represents a significant rate of release of energy.- caution is required, and this really isn’t something you should be trying unless you really know what you are doing.

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  1. Science safety is way under-talked about in US universities. Once at my school an undergrad left about a gram of sodium in the sink! A grad came by and turned on the water to wash glasswear…you know what happened next.

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