One thought on “More Awesomer Than Galileo

  1. Would this be a champion crackpot like Barry Marshall who said stomach ulcers are caused by bacterial infection, or a champion crackpot like stoner Kary Mullis driving his car up a winding road? William Shockley and Brian Josephson were unpleasant. Charles Pedersen was doggedly plebeian.

    An idiot is not half way to being an idiot-savant. OTOH, if you have a million grams of kimberlite or lamproite and retrive a meager one gram of gem diamond, you have a fantastically productive diamond mine. Diversity is wrong – the dross is worthless; outliers create the future.

    Discard crackpots’ empirically contradicted or untestable spews. What remains are insubordinate acts of discovery. Euclid is internally rigorous, but go draw a triangle on a globe of the Earth. There is no measurable observable that affects the vacuum free fall of a body to more than 5×10^(-14) difference/average.
    Two experiments. Do opposite shoes violate the Equivalence Principle?

    Mass distribution chirality is trivially observed and quantitatively calculated, but it cannot be measured. Crackpot? Sure! Maybe – teleparallel gravitation theory. The worst a parity Eotvos experiment can do is succeed. Somebody should look.
    Optical rotation implies nothing.
    AgGaS_2, space group I-42d (#122) with mirror-plane symmetry, has 522°/mm optical rotation along [100] at 497.4 nm

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