And Al Saw That it was Good

For this to make sense, you need to see the xkcd cartoon “Heaven” (as usual, click to go there so you can see the hover tag)

This being the internet (thank you, Al Gore), someone went and made this into a real game (hey, what were the odds?) Every so often, a large piece comes along and fits into the existing landscape. The cartoon is basically the opposite of Hell, of course, which also has a “playable” version

2 thoughts on “And Al Saw That it was Good

  1. The most cogent exposition of religion, ever. All it lacks is a donation box to elicit arrival of the Blessed Piece, that then never arrives unless you proffer another donation, then recursion.

    Regarding Al Gore,

    “Albert Gore Jr.
    Former Vice President of the United States” [click on name link therein]

    “leader of a wide range of Administration initiatives, including in the areas of environmental policy, technology, science, communications, community empowerment and government cost cutting.” How is tens of $millions of Night Basketball doing these days?

    “he volunteered for enlistment in the U.S. Army and served in the Vietnam War. Upon returning from Vietnam, Al Gore became an investigative reporter with the Tennessean in Nashville, where he also attended Vanderbilt University‚Äôs Divinity School and then Law School.”

    Al Gore is puke on a dog turd.

  2. Not sure I should thank you for the link to the playable version – about 45 mins of my life down the information super-drain. Will xkcd be seen in a few centuries time in the same way as well look at Pepys and Twain as a social commentator that gives us a real insight to an historical lifestyle.

    I did get the days highscore – which cheered me up a bit

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