Iranian fortune teller? / An Iranian wizard cooks up a “mushroom surprise” (for Halloween)


Iranian fortune teller? An Iranian wizard cooks up a  "mushroom surprise" for Halloween

In response to the question:

“What I don’t understand is the need to control Iran. How does one control a sovereign country without going to war? Both parties are of the mind that they will go to war rather than let Iran have a nuke. If so, then I guess they have both agreed to go to war with Iran because all the sanctions in the world will not stop them.”

I would offer this reply:
The situation brings to mind the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, which occurred exactly 50 years ago. The USA used a combination of diplomacy and a blockade to persuade the Soviet Union to remove its nuclear missiles from Cuba. The USA was successful in its negotiations with the Soviet Union because of what it offered in return for the removal of the missles from Cuba. The Soviet Union was able to use its missiles in Cuba as a bargaining chip to get the USA to remove its missiles from Turkey and a promise never to invade Cuba. The Iranians perhaps could use their purported nuclear weapons program as a bargaining chip. But for what? The Iranians could agree to abandon their nuclear program in exchange for assurances that the USA and its allies won’t intervene in Syria, nor attack Iran.