On employers and their websites

*shake my head*

Ok, here is something that annoys me about employer’s and their websites.

This is from pci pharma services:

“How did you hear about this position?
Please tell us how you heard about this position by selecting a source from this list.”

Ok…. uhhhhhh. Subvocalization aside, I don’t think I “heard” about the position. I mean, I was on indeed.com, saw an ad for on pci pharma job (packer), went to the pci (I think) website and saw that it wasn’t being listed. I went to look around at the pci website for other jobs, found something of interested, and “decided” to apply. Now, did I “hear” about it?

I mean, you’re asking me to apply for a job that involves analysis, right?

Business Development Estimation Manager

So, I’ve got a bachelor’s degree. And you’re a pharma company. I find me degree reasonably relative to what you’re hustling, as I’m a scientist with a bachelor’s in science. I also have experience running my own business.

But, wow… just, “How did you hear about this job?”

Know what I think? I think I ought to short your website, your company, and etc.. for just negligence. In other words, I ought to ignore you and have your assets and company diffuse to me rather than deal with your ignorance.

What? You think I’m a paranoid schizophrenic and “hear” voices?

*roll my eyes*

Uptight? No, I’m a hustler, baby. Yeeahhhh.


I’m a male, but I like this song, so I’mma push it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5kHpmXOoc8

Silent Auction – Good Girl

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