Dear Michelle Princer,

It was suggested to me on Avvo.com that I report you to authorities for “illegal” activity in relation to the place of employment that I worked for you at. I, however, am wise enough to be aware that the current mobocratic system is corrupt and for the most part not worth my while to deal with. It’s extremely inefficient, in my experience.

However, it would appear that I’m the, if not only, person on Earth who can walk about 9.9 miles along some piece of Earth, Terra, what-have-you. As such, I am considering walking to Toni’s of Winnebago and paying you a visit in a manner that I hope will not cause me to use a 2-dimensional nature of adversarial conflict toward you.

I believe I am reasonable in what I do and that you’re schizoaffective behavior is unacceptable. As such, I believe it’s reasonable to suggest to people close to you that you’re thrown in a white-padded cell for quite a while.

Yes, I could write a letter. However, I am under the interpretation that you will not respond. However, I am extremely curious as to how you will behave after I personally walk there and pay you a visit.


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