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Dear Michelle Princer,

It was suggested to me on that I report you to authorities for “illegal” activity in relation to the place of employment that I worked for you at. I, however, am wise enough to be aware that the current mobocratic system is corrupt and for the most part not worth my while to deal with. It’s extremely inefficient, in my experience.

However, it would appear that I’m the, if not only, person on Earth who can walk about 9.9 miles along some piece of Earth, Terra, what-have-you. As such, I am considering walking to Toni’s of Winnebago and paying you a visit in a manner that I hope will not cause me to use a 2-dimensional nature of adversarial conflict toward you.

I believe I am reasonable in what I do and that you’re schizoaffective behavior is unacceptable. As such, I believe it’s reasonable to suggest to people close to you that you’re thrown in a white-padded cell for quite a while.

Yes, I could write a letter. However, I am under the interpretation that you will not respond. However, I am extremely curious as to how you will behave after I personally walk there and pay you a visit.


On employers and their websites

*shake my head*

Ok, here is something that annoys me about employer’s and their websites.

This is from pci pharma services:

“How did you hear about this position?
Please tell us how you heard about this position by selecting a source from this list.”

Ok…. uhhhhhh. Subvocalization aside, I don’t think I “heard” about the position. I mean, I was on, saw an ad for on pci pharma job (packer), went to the pci (I think) website and saw that it wasn’t being listed. I went to look around at the pci website for other jobs, found something of interested, and “decided” to apply. Now, did I “hear” about it?

I mean, you’re asking me to apply for a job that involves analysis, right?

Business Development Estimation Manager

So, I’ve got a bachelor’s degree. And you’re a pharma company. I find me degree reasonably relative to what you’re hustling, as I’m a scientist with a bachelor’s in science. I also have experience running my own business.

But, wow… just, “How did you hear about this job?”

Know what I think? I think I ought to short your website, your company, and etc.. for just negligence. In other words, I ought to ignore you and have your assets and company diffuse to me rather than deal with your ignorance.

What? You think I’m a paranoid schizophrenic and “hear” voices?

*roll my eyes*

Uptight? No, I’m a hustler, baby. Yeeahhhh.


I’m a male, but I like this song, so I’mma push it:

Silent Auction – Good Girl

Antibacterial activity of NESCAFÉ instant coffee beverages and pharyngitis-causing Streptococcus species

Antibacterial activity of NESCAFÉ instant coffee beverages and pharyngitis-causing Streptococcus species

Nurul Adhwa Abdul Rahman, Siti Hanna Muharram, Oduola Abiola*

Pengiran Anak Puteri Rashidah Sa’adatul Bolkiah Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.


On Illusion and Negligence

Let’s say that there are a bunch of people around pushing illusion/negligence.

I reason with something like the Bitcoin project, the SHA-2 protocol (as an auditor) would eventually lay the smackdown on them. So, I find it interesting and odd that I come across erroneous and contradicting information, such as what I experienced on Thermo Fisher. I have issues recalling how to spell the company name at times.


A weblink about a guy named Cyberman

I’ve used the alias Cyberman, this is something different.

That darn website *smh*

For some odd reason, the website I’m dealing with keeps giving me crap. No, I don’t think I forgot the password. No, because to forget the password would mean forgetting an alias I’ve used for a long time since about… ohhh… the year 2001 or 2002, which I think is total bullshit of the Thermo Fischer website.

Funny enough, the website even said that it forgot my e-mail address login information. And I’m all like, “Alright, I’ll play your bullshit game.”

Then it spits out that somehow I’m in the system. Obscure, really.

A lot of this bullshit reminds me of some guy from MIT that I read/learned about that was calling himself Cyberman. The dude would document stuff with camera’s, etc… People did not like him. As I’m on a library computer, as an individual with the first name “Michael” supposedly tossed my laptop due to an alleged bedbug infestation, I am lacking in the whole documentation aspect of things and telling Thermo Fisher that they suck. Otherwise, I reason I’ll just hack and crack into the website.


No, I don’t think I forgot my password. Actually, I’d like to see the damn website tell me what it thinks my password is rather than allege that I’ve typed the incorrect password. Some website actually give you the option of showing the password you’ve typed in. AKA, I’m think for some obscure reason the Thermo Fisher website is engaged in illusion/negligence.


Applied for a job with the Thermo Fisher (sp?) company today. Gave me crap about password and login information. It wasn’t recognizing passwords I gave it. So, I used the forgot password aspect of the website. Perhaps the website was full of it. Regardless, I used the forgot password aspect to get a new password. Then oddly enough, it wouldn’t recognize the login information. Then the thing locked me out after enough “attempts.” Garbage. Anyway, something like that is the story.