That darn website *smh*

For some odd reason, the website I’m dealing with keeps giving me crap. No, I don’t think I forgot the password. No, because to forget the password would mean forgetting an alias I’ve used for a long time since about… ohhh… the year 2001 or 2002, which I think is total bullshit of the Thermo Fischer website.

Funny enough, the website even said that it forgot my e-mail address login information. And I’m all like, “Alright, I’ll play your bullshit game.”

Then it spits out that somehow I’m in the system. Obscure, really.

A lot of this bullshit reminds me of some guy from MIT that I read/learned about that was calling himself Cyberman. The dude would document stuff with camera’s, etc… People did not like him. As I’m on a library computer, as an individual with the first name “Michael” supposedly tossed my laptop due to an alleged bedbug infestation, I am lacking in the whole documentation aspect of things and telling Thermo Fisher that they suck. Otherwise, I reason I’ll just hack and crack into the website.


No, I don’t think I forgot my password. Actually, I’d like to see the damn website tell me what it thinks my password is rather than allege that I’ve typed the incorrect password. Some website actually give you the option of showing the password you’ve typed in. AKA, I’m think for some obscure reason the Thermo Fisher website is engaged in illusion/negligence.

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