Lorentz perpendicular action experiment and Lorentz force law

I have done an experiment that shows that magnetic force does not respect the Lorentz force law in the magnetic field of a narrow magnet. The video of this experiment is under this link:

In this article, I will explain the experimental result and the revealed flaw of the Lorentz force law.

Experimental torque

First, let us compare the theoretical prediction by the Lorentz force law with the experimental result. In Figure 1, the test coil is represented by the square coil carrying the current I placed in the magnetic field B. The experiment shows that, in the magnetic field of the magnet, the test coil turns about the x axis (part (a) in Figure 1), but not about the y axis (part (b) in Figure 1).

Please read the article at
or http://www.academia.edu/2700290/Lorentz_perpendicular_action_experiment_and_Lorentz_force_law

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