Corrected law and Perpendicular action experiment

In my Lorentz perpendicular action experiment, (see Lorentz perpendicular action experiment and Lorentz force law, blogspot academia) the movement of a test coil proved experimentally that the magnetic force on it does not verify the Lorentz force law and in consequence, showed a flaw of the law.

In this experiment, the magnetic field of a magnet exerts a force on the test coil and makes it turn (see Figure 1). According to the Lorentz force law, the test coil should turn about the axle whether it is parallel to x-axis or y-axis. But the experiment showed that it does not turn when the axle is parallel to y-axis.

In the following, I will explain the experimental result using the corrected law of magnetic force that I proposed in Correct differential magnetic force law, blogspot acdgemia, and show that this law describes well the movement of the test coil.

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