Coil and resistor induction paradox

In my article Faraday’s Law Paradox, I have explained that in a magnetically induced coil the line integral of electric field is paradoxically zero in contraction with Faraday’s law. This paradox has aroused a long discussion which also reveals that the air gap between the coil’s terminals confused the understanding of the paradox. The closed coil below makes this paradox sharper. I will give my solution to this paradox.

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2 thoughts on “Coil and resistor induction paradox

  1. Did you conclude that Farday’s law is not true, or simply it needs to be written in another form? You said that:
    Curl(Em) = dB/dt
    no longer holds, which means that an magnetically induced E-field does not produce a magnetic flux, but I assume:
    Curl(Ee) = dB/dt
    still holds?

    Great article, but I think I mat not be smart enough to fully appreciate it. 🙂

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