Length-contraction-magnetic-force between arbitrary currents

In ≪Relativistic length contraction and magnetic force≫ I have explained the mechanism of creation of magnetic force from Coulomb force and relativistic length contraction. For facilitating the understanding of this mechanism I used parallel current elements because the lengths are contracted in the direction of the currents. But real currents are rarely parallel, for example, dIa and dIb of the two circuits in Figure 1. For correctly applying length contraction on currents in any direction, we will consider conductor wires in their volume and apply length contraction on volume elements of the wires.
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PDF Length-contraction-magnetic-force between arbitrary currents http://pengkuanem.blogspot.com/2017/05/length-contraction-magnetic-force.html
or Word https://www.academia.edu/32815401/Length-contraction-magnetic-force_between_arbitrary_currents

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