Tangential magnetic force experiment with circular coil

If magnetic force is to respect Newton’s third law, there should be a recoil force on the vertical current which is Ft. This force is tangent to the current I1 and called tangential magnetic force. Some physicists claim that tangential magnetic force exists, this claim is supported by some experiments such as the rail gun recoil force shown by Peter Graneau and Ampère’s hairpin experiment, see Lars Johansson’s paper. But these experiments did not convince the main stream physicists and tangential magnetic force is rejected. I have carried out an experiment to show tangential magnetic force acting on a circular coil.
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PDF Tangential magnetic force experiment with circular coil http://pengkuanem.blogspot.com/2017/06/tangential-magnetic-force-experiment.html
or Word with video https://www.academia.edu/33353400/Tangential_magnetic_force_experiment_with_circular_coil_with_video_

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