Hi. I help run SFN in my spare time as an administrator and server monkey. I’m currently working toward a degree in Physics. I use this blog to get rid of various ideas that linger in my brain and force me to think about them until I go insane, or to write about things I find amusing.

I have a website. It’s not very exciting.


  1. I’m VERY interested in integrating our vbulletin installation with wordpress-mu and would love to hear the details of how you accomplished this, whether there were any compromises, whether any code needs to be modified each time an upgrade is made, etc., etc. – whatever help you can provide is very appreciated!


    David W. Lloyd

  2. It required the following:
    – A new vBulletin template and plugin
    – A new script to handle blog signup from vBulletin
    – A new WordPress authentication plugin to handle login from vBulletin
    – Some rewrite rules to prevent the use of the WordPress login pages.

    There’s pretty much no extra work on upgrades except for making sure all the modifications still work.

    If you’d like, you can send me an email at alex at scienceforums dot net and I’ll send you the files and plugins and such. At some point I’ll try to release them in a complete package, but that’ll also require documentation and some code modification to make it all neat and nice.

  3. You are such a PC tight ass. You think that by silencing me, you can silence dissent? You feminist moron! Women are opposed to the expression of human sexuality much more so than men. In fact, women hate sex and science clearly demonstrates this. Banning me from sfn chat only shows that you are a coward who is afraid of the truth. But what could I possibly expect?

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  4. I banned you for several reasons.

    1. You were basing your argument on misinterpretations of the statistics — like, say, not noticing that the study was of women approaching old age, and generalizing the results to all women.
    2. You totally ignored contrary evidence, such as the ABC News poll I linked to.
    3. None of your evidence supported the claim that women hate sex, just that they’re not as into it as guys are.
    4. Everyone in the room was fed up with you.

    I think that’s clear enough.

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