Reconsider of James Holmes

Author: Genecks
B.S. Neuroscience

These are but my opinions and speculations and to be of a measure of my character.

I’ve been considering James Holmes as of late. I believe I understand what happened to him. I’ve considered that he must have schizoaffective disorder. In that, I’m assuming he held some delusional, paranoid belief. Eventually, enough stimuli excited that delusional, paranoid belief and he had a psychotic break. Sometime after the psychotic break, he underwent dysphoric mania. From this point, he underwent a level of repression from the stimuli that were associated with and had excited his delusional, paranoid belief. After the repression occurred, he held a level of continued dysphoric mania whereby he had transference of mental contents from one part of his memory/personality to another part of his memory/personality. And then he became the Joker.

Of interest here, however, is Ribot’s law.

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