Some things I want to write about

Here is a list of topics that I want to write about:

  1. Is society sustainable?
  2. Should society focus on changing the language it uses?
  3. How can we make the criminal justice system “better”?
  4. Does most of the world have schizoaffective disorder?

Now, someone might ask, “What do you mean does most of the world have schizoaffective disorder?”

We have a world where people believe in free will, use words that imply having free will at some point in time, and the such: People believe they somehow are “free” and able to escape determinism, eternalism, etc.. the such. Now, if we take certain philosophical paradigms as true, then yeah, the majority of the world is straight-up bonkers. I’m not sure we can say they are legally insane. We “can’t,” if we say we don’t have free-will. Does it qualify as legal insanity? Are the necessary criteria met? Well, again, that’s like asking if I “can” even cause a criteria set to occur.

So, there ends up being a breakdown of language. Deconstructive nihilism.

If I were to empathize, though, legal insanity tends to be thinking people are something other than they really are: You think you see a bear rather than actually seeing a human. Being delusional means you believe something that is not true. And the sticky issue becomes, “What is true?” “How do you define Truth?” “How do you define what is true?”

So, I would posit that it’s true that free will does not exist. So, that kills morality, the idea of responsibility.

I guess if there is no responsibility, one might posit there is no “meaning” to life, as one is not responsible to accomplish anything in one’s lifetime.

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