Any Psychologists in the House?

Can anyone explain to me why people love talking about things like they’re experts when they really don’t know anything about the subject?

Like this guy:


I’m often asked questions about things that are out of my area of expertise. Rather than make stuff up, like Mr. LHC Guy, I at least admit that I’m not sure. (My refusal to be absolutely certain has gotten me in trouble in the past, because when you’re trying to sell things it pays to be confident in yourself. Oh well.)

(To be fair, I act like an expert on things I’m probably not an expert on, but I’ve never yet caught myself being a complete and utter moron.)

Is there a psychologist around that can explain why people don’t recognize when they’re utterly out of their depth and shut up? I think that needs to be a mandatory skill.

(Video shamelessly noticed at Splendid Elles.)


  1. At least he wouldn’t be posting YouTube videos if he had nasty bruises on his forehead.

    (No violent threat intended. If your humor detector hasn’t yet gone off, please have it checked. It may need a new battery.)

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