1. Strange the ones that are intolerant and hating are not followers,They try to change the words of God to suite their wants and needs: All questions are in the Old and new Testament,AND also Did you Know that the POPE called himself HOLY:Only one walked on the Earth that was Holy it,s written in the History book called The Holy Bible: BUT if you read belivers and none belivers come to the same Point: That GOD is About LOVE:period.

  2. wglenntodd, most fundamentalists(the ones who are most likely to be intolerant and hating) are not trying to change the words. In fact, it is the opposite. Although they cherrypick, they do so less than the moderates. If they can pick out verses, entirely in context, and have it support their hate, the book supports said hate.

    As for OT vs NT, there are a few things:
    1) Jesus said to follow the letter of the Law until the end of days(Matthew 5:17-19). Look who is trying to change things now. :p

    2)The NT is not holy scripture. It may be shocking, but the NT was not yet written when Jesus said “it is written.” Oddly enough, Jesus NEVER refers to the NT. In fact, since Jesus was a Jew, he didn’t even consider all of the OT to be scripture.

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