Science Parody Song Ideas?

As you can see, I’ve been helping make science- and nerd-related parody songs recently, and I’m looking to make some more. It’s a fun way to spend some time.

Do you have any songs you think could be written? Pick a song (preferably something that can be played on guitar or piano) and a promising subject or a few funny lines and submit them in the comments here. You don’t have to write the whole song — usually it’s easy enough to finish a song if you supply a line or two or a witty chorus idea. The best/funniest ideas might be used to make a new song later this year.


  1. What about something set to the song “White Room” that has to do with a new theory… one which needs (is missing) testable predictions?

    “In a lab coat, with acryllic clipboard
    Records data, with precision, few outliers
    Makes no sense, though, all bunk numbers
    No new physics, go away, try again

    It’s all… already explained
    Existing theory not overturned

    You’re a crackpot, with real bad sense, and blindly stupid…”

    I dunno. Music is not one of my strong suits. What a fun idea, though! 🙂

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