Psychic Powers

Skeptics sometimes remark that if psychic powers were real, psychics would have a genuine evolutionary advantage, and so eventually everyone would evolve to be psychic. But we aren’t, they say, so psychic powers must not exist.

It is a little-known fact that this evolution already happened.

Many animals evolve mechanisms to show off to potential mates. We’ve all seen the feathers of a peacock or the antlers of a large buck. Early human males, however, were stymied by the fact that they had absolutely no idea what the women wanted. When the first male evolved psychic powers, he had such tremendous reproductive success that it was only a matter of time before the entire male population was psychic.

Of course, the ability of any male to fool any female into mating meant any pathetic weakling could reproduce — he just had to use his psychic powers creatively. Thus it was the women whose minds were so complex as to be incomprehensible who could exercise control and mate with the strongest, healthiest males who were most likely to have children who would survive.

Hence women evolved to become yet more incomprehensible to men, and the psychic powers came to naught.

Further proving that if one comes to understand women, they will be immediately replaced with women even more difficult to understand.


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