On aliens and time travelers

Sometimes I think to myself the following:

If you haven’t seen a time traveler or alien yet, you’re doomed. If no one has seen a time traveler or alien yet, we’re all doomed.

The lack of time travelers and aliens seems to create a significant evidential aspect to further the existential crisis. Part of me wants to ask, “How long would it take a reasonable person to discover alien life?”

Maybe I’ve come across a time traveler. Maybe I’ve come across an alien. And, sure, I probably shouldn’t have been doing some “unethical” things at the time. But I attest that my encountering of them didn’t seem to solve any of the more complex philosophical issues that we humans already deal with. But, I think if I learned something, then it’s that they want to be able to figure out how to break paradoxes, especially the time traveler’s paradox.

With aliens, I think to myself that there may be biological life out there in the cosmos, but it might not be “intelligent.” As a neuroscientist, I well enough understand intelligence to be relative. Thus, my issue is more with whether or not these biological entities can grasp philosophical conundrums, such as the meaning of existence, what is “truth,” and whether or not there can be any feasible objectives to pursue while in existence.

So, with aliens, it could well enough be that there are evolved lifeforms but they aren’t much more communicative than cockroaches, germs, or armadillos. Their life styles don’t require that they look much further than around them rather than above them. Looking back at my education, humans tended to have looked at the sky, questioning the greater aspects of reality and whether or not there was something “out there,” but given that the universe has lifeforms that don’t question, interrogate, or find concerning what is “out there,” there would never have been a necessitate aspect to move beyond their planet.

Sure, it would be interesting for there to be other life forms, but more interesting is if their knowledge of metaphysics and reality has surpassed our own, finding answers to what we find to be philosophical matters that are unsolvable.

No time travelers, no aliens… it seems like no hope. It starts to create evidence of absence, whereby I question if the human race is doomed. Sure, well enough, there might be aliens and time travelers moving around in reality, competing against each other for possession of reality itself. As I once explained to someone, if we could build a time machine and understand reality quite well, more than likely, there would be what I call “the race to zero.”

Imagine you could inject yourself into the beginning of time. All you have to do is move some particles around in the right way, and you’ve completely manipulated time and space and the way reality will unfold. It becomes an issue of control. It might make an individual feel God-like, but not necessarily make someone God. It would, nonetheless, change reality, thus possibly change the futures of societies and cultures from coming into existence. And any aliens or time travelers aware of such a person “wanting” to do such might compete against the individual to “prevent” such from occurring.

So, perhaps there are aliens and time travelers, but they have more important issues to attend to, more important matters that secure their existence in reality.

I think the Fermi paradox is a serious matter. Even if there was other intelligent life, I’m sure they would be considered with issues, such as the existential crisis. They might come across matters of religion. Perhaps it could be posited that God simply wants people to believe whatever they want, thus to find fulfillment in life: But then, one might insist such a philosophy would necessitate free-will.

Personally, I would think if time travelers or aliens existed, they would be concerned with resolving matters of metaphysics and reality.

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