There might be a multiverse

What if… what if …

Well, let me throw out an idea: everything that could exist does exist. Infinite universes seems to create the issue that if there is a person that can cause something to occur, there is another that would cancel out that possibility, thus making it feel as though there is one universe.

Imagine the following:

There exists a person in a universe that cause A to occur. There exists a person in a universe that can prevent A to occur. Their existences cancel out, thus giving the appearance there is no multiverse. But then you might make the logical argument that if a person can travel to this universe, then he or she cannot be prevented.

So, with the infinite universe idea, there MUST be a person in an outside universe who wants to let me know that he or she is (1) from another universe, (2) prove such, (3) do such right now. I looked around me after typing such, and encountered no such being: One might take such to be evidence of absence that there are not infinite universes, thus the multiverse idea is not practical, at least for there to be infinite universes.

Part of me, then has been considering what if there is an aspect of reality, however, that does exist. Let’s call this the realm of the “imaginary.” It exists. It’s a dimension of it’s own. And it’s “imaginary,” whereby it’s like a Platonic realm where crossover is possible.

I’ll throw a bone and give an example.

In Dragon Ball Z, Goku learns to go faster than light after he learns instant transmission. As such, he has become a master of reality in his dimension.

You might think that’s questionable. Let’s take Goku and throw him in the hypercube shown in the Cube 2 movie. Goku would use his brute strength and instant transmission, and he would more than likely get out of there real fast. You might posit that a 5th dimensional being would be able to see the maze for what it is, but Goku uses brute strength (using FTL technology: instant transmission) and gets out after using a brute force hacking methodology of using every combination of getting out of there.

Now let’s take that knowledge a step further. Goku exists inside his dimension. Interestingly, using his FTL knowledge, he figured out his reality is like a hypercube. He found a way out. Making things more interesting, it possible that the Goku that comes back to Earth from space is actually a damn lie. Everything you see Goku doing on television is a damn lie. The cell games: A damn lie. Fighting buu: A damn lie. The only Goku you need to concern yourself is the Goku that occurs once he learns FTL technology.

If we argue that being able to master FTL technology provides an individual to live an infinite if not close to infinite amount of time, that’s like saying Goku spent an infinite amount of time in his reality, coming to understand the aspects of reality that he was bound in, and eventually finding an exit door. And with that, he might have come to realize there are people observing him on the television screen. And once he learned that, he created a huge number of illusions to prevent anyone from following him, catching up to him, and taking him down. After Goku learned FTL technology, he soon enough found out how to travel to another dimension.

I guess if anyone follows Flash or The Flash comics, something similar happens with The Flash. The thing is, however, a person argues that these individuals are of “fantasy.” Well, so is the number “one.” But we don’t generally attribute characteristics to the number one, such as the ability to engage in FTL travel.

So it comes to the next question, why would an individual deceive others as to him or herself being a multiverse being, that there being a multiverse, and teaching others how to go into the multiverse. I think the answer is that there is something axiological about it. If one uses empathy, one could consider that amount of heroic nature an individual must possess to be able to involve him or herself with such matters. A level of social order or innature knowledge of social order would be necessary. This seems to contradict with multiverse beings that are discussed in comics: I don’t know if the Beyonder would contradict such.

A person might ask what gave me these ideas. I’d have to say it was the curious nature of observing some animes, thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it be peculiar if x, y, z occurred in the anime?” and then such happening shortly soon enough in the episode I was watching. It was at the least worthy of raising an eyebrow, that such was either a coincidence or something.

But I do think there is one other thing worthy of mention here. Something that leads me to believe if not question the multiverse. It’s something that has caused me to question if we live in something like Valhalla. It’s “new evidence.” It’s a concept in court.

New evidence is anything that wasn’t presented when it could have been presented as evidence. But what if a God or Goddess your worship is someone or something that can carry you through to victory in a court case. If somehow you lose the case, does that mean your God or Goddess was falsified? Well, under total falsification, you might consider that in no way will your God or Goddess present itself in reality again to save your arse from potentially harmful issues in court. However, there have been interesting things going on in reality: Loki, Thor, Jesus, Moses, etc… find their ways into our media still. Gods and Goddesses of old have found their ways into our reality, coming back from the “dead” to persist. And with that, I think that’s about the only way to argue that, yes, Thor exists.


So, you might be questioning, how would Goku be able to see on the other side of the television?

It’s my hypothesis as to what a 5th dimensional being would be like. As humans, I posit that we’re 4-dimensional beings: x, y, z, and time. But a 5th dimensional being can go through “versions.” Versions occur throughout time.

A 5th dimensional being can observe the versions. Let’s say reality were to destroy itself and re-create itself many times over. A 5th dimensional being would be able to flip through the versions like a book with pages, each page being a different version of reality, and inject itself into the different versions if so desired. Thus, it could be argued that the 5th dimension is an “alternate reality.”

Thus, a being that can access the 5th dimension or a 5th dimension can access an alternate reality. Goku having FTL technology gives him the maze dilemma, whereby he eventually discovers the 5th dimension or an alternate reality. However, the amount of time for him to accomplish such is infinite or almost infinite rather than instantaneous.

A 4th dimensional being that can use FTL technology would spend infinite or almost infinite time to access an alternate reality. A 5th dimensional being could instantaneously access an alternate reality. Perhaps the Trunks timeline is evidence that Goku played with time-space, or maybe not: I’d have to analyze that more. The Trunks timeline has time-space issues that anyone with time-space knowledge would find odd. Does Buu, nonetheless, kill Trunks? Shouldn’t future Trunks have encountered Buu?  Etc. etc..

The other side of the television would be an alternate reality, our reality:  A 5th dimension to Goku.


And one other thing I’d like to add to this. I have a hypothesis as to how Goku would have obtained FTL technology. It’s based on a hypothesis as how to create a “reasonable person,” which the reasonable person concept is actually somewhat a legal concept. However, I tried to mesh ideas of laws and science together. In law, there is something called “novus actus interveniens,” which means a new act intervening: A new act will intervene and remove an individual’s negligence.

Let’s imagine I create a building with a tunnel. On the outside is a door. After you walk in the door, you live and die a large number of times, maybe infinite. After you die, you come back to life. The only way you’ll get out is by an act of “God.” Thus, eventually, Goku walks out of the door he went in. The question is, “How did that happen?” The answer is “novus actus interveniens,” which means a reasonable person intervened and removed Goku’s negligence. My hypothesis is that the aliens Goku met told him to walk into a 4-dimensional box that he dies in, resets itself, and brings him back to the version he was in when he first walked in: Thus, a system for creating a 5th dimensional being or allowing FTL technology to be learned. It could be argued that Goku became a 5th dimensional being once he learned FTL technology, but that’s debatable.

Imagine something like Kami’s time chamber, except a person spends their life there until they die. And after they die, someone on the outside resets things to the point where the person first went in. If anything were to change inside the time chamber, then it must be outside the control of the person who was resetting the time chamber, thus an intervening act by a being that can access at least 5-dimensional space.

One of my current obscure ideas is that reality has things that deceive us, forms of knowledge that we’re aiming for to achieve. And these things “deceive us,” but if we ourself were to become deceptive, then we would be able to obtain those realms of knowledge. If court is where fantasy meets reality and fantasy is synonymous with illusion, the imaginary, and/or death, then the more times we die, the closer we get to death, which technically is an illusion in a reality where we keep coming back to life: Thus the more we die the more we see the illusions that are in reality, because we ourselves become illusionists.

It’s a speculation.

But let’s go further.

Let’s say I meet a woman named Morgana. She was a cavewoman, typical barbaric woman trying to avoid the sabertooth tiger. But she died… a lot. And as she died more and more, she got closer to death, because she increasingly experienced death. And death could be synonymous with illusion. She never really “died,” because in her reality the universe re-creates itself and she comes back to life in a “block” universe no memory of her former lives. But as she dies more and more, she eventually learns about the illusion of reality surrounding her. And she somehow herself becomes part of the illusion. And with that, she becomes an illusionist. She courted life-and-death so many times, her experiences piled up: Something more reasonable than her intervened to remove her of her negligence and unreasonableness. And she sprung up to be a Goddess.

But those who know lore, you might think to yourself, “How come none of us have seen this Morgana?” And I think the answer goes back to something in my last post: Competing forces nullifying the others influences and existence.

It’s a nice thought, but I’m not sure its realistic.

This post is more about the multiverse. I think the Dragon Ball Z example is good, because it shows someone with a technology that might be able to get someone into our reality. If you can go faster than light and you have infinite time to do something, you might be able to get into this dimension.

The 5th dimension described as “versions” is a good analogy. But I think the term “version” is not adequate. But a 5th-dimensional being or being that can access the 5th-dimension can access parallel objects, objects that don’t touch each other. The individual finds or creates the bridge.

Cube 2: Hypercube is a decent movie if you haven’t watched it. Other 5th-dimensional beings might be observed in the movie Shocker, which is a horror film. Freddy Krueger might be considered a 5th-dimensional being.

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