some more possible pseudoscientific junk

I have a hypothesis about reality and God.

Imagine God is free-will and all that can be. Each timeline and universe that is created is a “choice” that God makes. And essentially, God is attempting to figure out how to find another God.

Each extension is a time-line or universe. They end up being deterministic. They can, however, go back into the pool of what God is. Each time an extension occurs, it’s influenced by what is outside of it, thus causing God to change. With that said, one might say, “What’s the point,” and I think my answer is that “God” is learning. God has free-will, makes universes, but finds itself “imperfect” despite being perfect. It’s attempting to figure out if there is more to its existence than simply being.

My hypothesis is that God is looking for another God.

I like to postulate that God is insane. Let’s say schizophrenia or insanity is a complete break from logic, thus being able to step out of the realm of logic. Something about Mental State “x” enables a break from logic. That might mean breaking free from constraints. If God is all that can be, logically so, then logically there can’t be another God. But being God, if God can break logic, then God would be looking for another God. It wouldn’t be logical. So, it’s questionable what to make of it, even if it were possible. Logically, not so, but then the question becomes what kind of “system” or “methodology” is being used to accomplish such.

I think the answer is that God is attempting to break its own ignorance. That’s like saying, God thinks its the only God yet ignorant of how it would be possible for there to be another: Thus, it’s engaging in a method to break its ignorance of what would be necessary to find another God. You might say, then, that God is not God: And that might be the logical answer. But if the system is not dependent on logic, then logic is thrown out the window.

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