Patty part 4

Cindy was appalled at what she witnessed in the next few weeks, “Master” had been back and forth to the apartments as his libido demanded meanwhile Patty and Sally continued their obsession with being being “good girls” for Master. Cindy, much to her chagrin, had to pretend to be in Masters thrall and being patted on the head and told she was a good girl after a long and hard struggle to breath as Master fucked her face was disgusting at the start but had become all but maddening by this point! Her only consolation was that due to “Masters” skills at manipulating them biologically she didn’t gag and throw up during these sessions.

Patty and Sally continued to enjoy their Masters attentions no matter what he did to them or made them do, Master could do no wrong in their eyes and every encounter left them ever more deeply enthralled in Masters grip. Cindy was expected to be present and active in every sexual encounter the newly twinned girls had with Master. Cindy wondered if Master knew she wasn’t like the twins in her “love” of being dominated and Master simply enjoyed the idea of scandalizing her at every sex session.

Master seemed to be particularly enthralled by watching Patty, Sally , and Cindy make love, they had come up with a three way kiss leading to mutual masturbation and many long drawn out orgasms. Master had them put on this show nearly every time he visited the slave quarters, it was the only thing he wanted Cindy actually liked. She loved her room mates as much as they loved her… It made Cindy wonder of this was part of her programming as well!

Cindy was beginning to be afraid she was getting lost in the forest on this quest, her mind was still aware of the old Cindy but the new mind from the original Patty covered it but little Cindy was still there and between the two of them they had become a new mind, a mind that abhorred the situation she found herself in. Her only hope was to find a way to reverse what had happened but she was beginning to doubt there was anything to reverse to,

The situation was untenable.

On each of his visits Master had anal sex with Cindy, he seemed to delight in hearing Cindy squeal as his penis penetrated her, Cindy didn’t really mind the butt fucking, her squeals were not in her control. Evidently one of Masters “gifts” she had received in her upgrade was to squeal when she was penetrated anally…

Master was a kinky bastard for sure!

Cindy was prying into company records she had access to due to her position as Masters employee and her coding skills. The deeper she went into the company records the more disturbing Masters crimes became, the company was using some number of “sex toy dolls” as gifts or more accurately bribes. The paper work keeping track of the of the fate of the dolls was severely lacking, some dolls were simply being sent to parties to entertain guests but often no record of where they ended up after the party was ever recorded as far as Cindy could find.

It had become apparent that “sex toy dolls” were being sold like hot cakes, very nearly every one of the ruling class employed them in some fashion. Many powerful men and even woman kept them like pets as “Master” did, these sex toys were important possessions of nearly every Oligarch in the country as well as many other countries as well. These sex toys are totally in the control of Masters company and often privy to the private lives of their owners.

Cindy, through her computer skills, was able to see just how many sex toys were being kept by the rich and powerful. At the last check there were 15,289 sex toys in the houses of the Oligarchs and Oligarch wanna bees, at more than one million dollars a pop they represented a huge amount of profit for the company and as Cindy was beginning to suspect a viable espionage asset as well.

Master was a bad boy!

Cindy’s efforts to get through the submissive programming Master had imposed on Patty and then Sally had failed, so far her computer skills had not allowed her access to the technology that allowed minds to be edited but she had been able to influence her room mates in various ways by interacting with them. The mental programming was profound and while it didn’t interfere with the thinking of the two sex slaves when Master wasn’t directly involved it made them difficult to engage in her plans to break the programming.

Cindy looked away from her screen, Patty and Sally were watching a science documentary on TV, for all the world they looked as honestly enamored by the show as anyone who was intelligent and interested in the world around them… but even mention their Master and their eyes glazed over they became submissive immediately and unable to resist him and his wants.

Cindy was personally surprised Master didn’t make them call him Daddy, the ego trip he was living had to be off the charts compared to any other. Some vague memories of her life before the war before Brownsville were beginning to surface. The man she remembered as Bryan, the brilliant bio-engineer, the man who designed the sex toys, who had become Master to Patty, Cindy and then Sally was beginning to emerge from the fog… what little she remembered so far didn’t show him to be a decent man at all, then or now.

Cindy noticed the documentary was over so she decided on another round of trying to talk the women/girls into thinking outside the box of being happy little sex slaves. The only way to engage them was to try to get a sexual encounter going. Sex was a good way to distract them into displaying the behaviors that had been programmed into them and once on display Cindy could do her best to derail those behaviors. The internet was full of information about changing peoples behavior but so far nothing had worked…

Cindy took a deep breath and stood up, walking over to Patty and Sally she plopped down between them and started to kiss Sally, almost immediately Patty joined in as though Cindy had triggered something. Cindy was sure she had stumbled on a trigger, simply acting like she was as sexual as them caused something to click in their minds and her submissive “girly” attitude when plopping down was part of it. Immediately both of them became more like submissive girls than women, and completely pliable to Cindy’s machinations. Sally giggled as Cindy joined them, “I still have some of that lavender oil Master left on his last visit, Patty get out the strap on! I want to fuck Cindy!” Cindy’s head dropped, “damn this session wasn’t going to go as planned!”

Cindy still had her memories from before she was reset and remembered her obsession with oral sex and how she had left sucker bites all over Patty. Now the tables were turned and Patty and now Sally were leaving sucker marks all over Cindy. Cindy had to admit that Masters programming wasn’t completely gone from her and the sex was soothing after so many hours struggling to break into Masters computer system. Cindy allowed her clitoris to engorge to its largest extent… only 5″ but Patty always wanted it!

As the lovemaking progressed Cindy did her best to steer them into any critique of Master but it was like talking to a child who wanted Santa to be real too much to listen to any other point of view. Cindy had found that the “girls” responded to her, in some respects at least, similar to how they responded to Master, Cindy wasn’t sure why but she could trigger the effect at will by acting the part she was supposed to. The twins thought of Cindy as their sex toy, Master had given her to them after all.

A gasp of pleasure escaped Patty’s chest as Cindy began to kiss her neck and ears as she penetrate Patty’s kitty with her engorged clitoris. Sally began put the strap on in place, the tip of the rather large strap-on began to enter Cindy’s rectum. Cindy automatically squealed but gritted her teeth and began her whisper campaign against Master. Cindy had to not only do as she was told to she had to be convincing that she liked it to avoid suspicion she wasn’t part of the group… today this was going to involve a strap on… oh joy.

Cindy could get the twins to do anything sexual as long as it was part of Masters usual games but anything else didn’t even register, manipulating the “girls” to her own benefit was fun but by this time boring after the first few orgasms.

Cindy spent the next two days digging deeper into Masters company, she now had nearly full control over all the companies internal assets but the R&D files continued to elude her.

Cindy had found evidence that Master was creating “dolls” well outside the prescribed law’s requirements for “sex toys” as well as suppression of data that indicated that each of the dolls had to be based on or have a part of a real person incorporated into their construction, something vague about there needing to be a matrix for the mind to become conscious and that matrix had to be from a real mind.

So much diverse information on what could be done but no information on how it was done, how could information be downloaded and uploaded into the mind, Cindy’s mind operated furiously as she dove down yet another rat hole of what could be done but without a clue as to how.

What could be done was almost overwhelming to Cindy, skill sets could be downloaded, love, hate, all emotions and memories were Masters to do with as he pleased. This was how he did it, the girls genuinely felt love for Master and the things he does to them made them feel loved, did this make him invulnerable or was this a clue to what needed to be done?

After a week of not just coding for Master but doing her best to crack the armor of his business interests Cindy was tired of simply sitting in front of the computer screen, she needed to get out, her memories from before she was Cindy, before the war before Brownsville, told her what she needed was a day out on the water sailing… what she got was Master showing up and everyone including Cindy had to be on their knees, forehead on the floor to prostrate for Master.

Master spoke and Patty and Sally quivered with excitement expecting a night of wild love and sex which was the same thing to them as long as it was with Master. Cindy felt nauseous a she contemplated her role in the nights orgy.

To Cindy’s surprise Master had someone with him, a man and a woman, very expensively dressed, Cindy felt shame, they were on display like meat in a store and this couple were the customers!

Master told the trio to roll over and display, Cindy, Patty and Sally knew what that meant but they had never done it for anyone but Master. This didn’t seem to bother Patty or Sally, they were so deep in Masters control all they did was lay on their backs and put their legs behind their arms, no shame no thought.

Cindy was demoralized badly by the lewd “display” she almost cried when she had to do it for Master.. now strangers got to stand and watch as she was humiliated.

Master began to regale the couple in the benefits of having a sex toy, he made us spread ourselves apart to show the details that he said were exactly like a real persons genitalia. He told us to assume the sub position and as we did encouraged them to experience our oral skills. All three of us had to service the man and his wife orally, the man was small and neither were clean and smelled of urine and alcohol… they were every bit as disgusting as Cindy had feared!

Finally the ordeal seemed to be over but, to Cindy’s horror, the woman requested that they be able to take Cindy home for the night… Equally horrifying he took them aside and talked to them before announcing loudly that Cindy would accompany them home tonight… Cindy was suddenly terrified as well, she had never been outside Masters compound!

Master agreed to Bev’s request, he bent over and whispered in Cindy’s ear , “be a good girl Cindy, these are powerful people and I need their support, treat them both as you would me, John owns the company that supplies me with the technological equipment that makes this all possible! His wife, Beverly, is a Congress woman and is soon to vote on a bill that will make my sex dolls easier to make and sell! You are our ambassador! Make this happen and I’ll activate your computer access plugin! You’ll get total access to the web, you’ve been asking for more, this is where your devotion to our company comes into play my little ace in the hole!

As I was led out by the couple all I could think of was how to get some advantage from this, there was certainly no way to stop it from happening…

As John and Bev began to lead her toward the door Master spoke up, “you need her leash and collar, she is well trained in how to behave outside but the law states she has to wear a leash and collar.”

Master put her collar on and hooked up the leash. Cindy was nude, standing between John and Bev as they pulled her by the leash in the direction of the door. The cold air outside blew in and Master remembered to give Cindy a silk night gown against the cold as she was led out.

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