Cool and wet, in the light of the cold white moon
Clothed only in the phosphorescent waters glow
Where am I? Only the night birds and the fishes know
Near by a gull, disturbed by my swim, sings his raucous tune

The water flows over me like a lovers caress
Onward I drift, with the tides salty stream
Unfettered, my mind begins an oddly familiar dream
A woman appears, standing, like me she is without dress

She dives into the shallow inlets flow
And reappears, glowing with an inner light
I give chase, swimming with all my might
When I arrive at her side, again she dives below

But instead of legs long and sleek
A fishes tail follows her into the brine
Mermaid! the thought rips into my mind
I hesitate, astounded, by this being that i see

Again she appears, this time not alone
Three more of these apparitions, appear in a wave crest
As glowing water cups their bobbing breasts
Their sirens song begins, and i become still as stone

The song, more beautiful than any mortal woman’s voice
Captivates me, holds me, unable to think or move
My love, it says, to have them i must prove
As I listen I realize I am being offered a choice

To join them in their home, wet and cool
To swim, and frolic, under the sea
Forever and ever just them and me
Just then a gull cries out, “death is what they offer, you fool!”

When I look back to where the water is dark and deep
Only a fading sparkle marks where sirens swam
I shout out, come back, only the gull reply’s “foolish man”
Then I realize, that their love had a price attached, far too steep!

Michael Hissom

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