Patty part 5

On the ride to John and Bev’s hotel they both began to run their hands all over Cindy, kissing her, sucking and fondling her nipples, her kitty… in the dark the tears welling up in Cindy’s eyes couldn’t be seen but John and Bev’s only thoughts were on how they could enjoy the night using Cindy.

People in the Hotel Lobby stared in frank interest as the nearly nude exotic young women was being led on a leash through the Lobby. While the general public was aware of the “Sex dolls” it was rare for one to the be seen in pubic.

Cindy was filled with shame, she wasn’t sure if it was because of her Masters need to have someone to scandalize that made her able to feel guilty or if it was really her own shame she felt. The elevator ride to the penthouse was spent with Cindy on her knees pleasuring John, Bev evidently liked to watch, and strangers getting on and off the elevator just made it that much more exciting for Beverly!

Their hotel room was the lap of luxury, a hot tub, a huge round bed, lots of booze and drugs… several sex toys… they set Cindy in the middle of the bed, stripped of her leash, collar, and silk gown, she felt exposed/vulnerable in a way that was new but still uncomfortable as hell. They began to order her to bend and twist around into lewd postures and positions as they disrobed and cuddled up to each other occasionally kissing or fondling each other. After an hour or so of posing and pleasuring herself with various sex toys as the power couple watched Bev approached the bed.

Bev got up on her knees and straddled Cindy’s head, her hand immediately went the back of Cindy’s head burying her fingers into Cindy’s thick white hair to get a better grip as she pulled Cindy’s face into her crotch, as she looked down she smiled at Cindy’s upturned face and said “You were so good over at Bryan’s house I just had to see how good you really were. As she straddled Cindy and pulled Cindy’s face up to her own smooth vulva John lined up between Cindy’s legs and pressed his dick into Cindy’s white kitty and began to pump away. Bev turned to look back at John and they gave each other a dark smile.

Bev looked down at Cindy’s efforts and asked “what was it we are supposed to say to her? Good girl?

“Yeah” answered John “good girl” as he pounded her kitty.

Bev looked down at Cindy, an evil smile on her face ” good girl Cindy, good girl” as she held Cindy’s face in her crotch and humped her clit into Cindy’s mouth.

John gripped Cindy’s legs and raised her knees up to her hips as he pumped her little white haired kitty, he began to rub her kitty as he fucked her watching his dick disappear in and out of her bush, suddenly he reached down and pulled out a handful of Cindy’s silky white public hair!

Cindy screamed in pain and terror as John held up her public hair and exclaimed to Bev, “Have you ever seen public hair like this?” Bev chuckled “No but I’d prefer her to be slick and smooth if I owned her” Bev continued to mash Cindy’s face into her crotch as she talked. Bev sucked in a sudden gasp of air as the orgasm that had been building shook her body, she cried out “good girl Cindy, damn good girl!”

“I kinda like this John, she is so submissive so cooperative! Much better than the courtesans we usually use, I bet we could do anything to her and she would simply acquiesce to it!”

“Cut off her air and see what she does!”

Bev smashed Cindy’s face into her crotch harder until Cindy began to see stars due to lack of air, she tried to struggle but John grabbed her hands and held them to kept her from pushing back at Bev, Cindy was in wide eyed terror as she desperately craved air but they were too strong and Cindy passed out.

Cindy woke face down in Johns crotch being face fucked, he wasn’t even trying to let her breath, John had taken up a place in front of the now prone Cindy. John’s hands had replaced Bev’s on each side of her head pulling her face down on to his penis in rhythmic motions and she could feel Bev fucking her ass with a strap on. Bev grunted in time to John’s grunts as they both fucked Cindy, she bounced back and forth between them!

“I know what to do John! Are you about to cum yet?”

John answered, “God yes! I’ve been edging for a while now”

Bev answered “come up here and fill my pussy with cum and lets see how she likes sucking your cum out of my cunt!”

Cindy dutifully lapped up John’s cum from Bev’s crotch as John and Bev both laughed.

After hours of extreme, sometimes violent sex John and Bev began to lose interest in Cindy as they imbibed tequila, coke, and shrooms, insisting that Cindy take them as well… for some reason the drugs caused Cindy’s clitoris to become erect, John and Bev were both fascinated and their interest in Cindy perked up with John insisting on being penetrated from behind by Cindy!

Bev was equally interested in Cindy’s “dick” and insisted on a round of Cindy’s using her giant clit to fuck both of them… Hallucinogenic drugs ensured the night was long and filled with machine elves, talking dicks, vaginas with teeth and Cindy at the center of it all stoically taking in everything she was offered and doing what ever she was told.

Master would be proud and satisfied by her actions if that was what it took to get access to the company computer system.

The next morning Cindy woke up to a hotel employee inspecting her collar and tag to see who owned her, her patrons were gone…

The cuts and bruises the couple left on Cindy were minor, the dislocated shoulder was painful, but the mental anguish was eating Cindy up! How could Master have allowed this to happen to her! Patty and Sally helped her recover, cleaning up the cuts and bruises and pulling her shoulder back into place while she screamed in agony.

Cindy, in tears, tried to her best to illicit a response from Patty and Sally over the cruelty she had endured but both of them were sure Master wouldn’t have sent her if he knew what they were going to do. Cindy couldn’t make them see that just sending her was wrong!

Patty and Sally cuddled all night long with Cindy, they both loved Cindy and were upset she had been hurt but the real cause of that hurt eluded them. Cindy just redoubled her determination to bring this world to an end, now if Master would just keep his word.

Next day Master walked in as the threesome slept, he woke up Cindy first to tell her to go to his office while he let Patty and Sally suck his dick, Master had to give his charges some comfort, he knew what they liked/needed because it was what he programmed them to like/need. After a few minutes of “good girl” and lots of head pats and rubs as they pleasured him, Master finally let them go and he went to his Office to talk to Cindy.

Cindy was sitting in his chair, shivering in the nude, her face was still distorted by a night of crying. Master walked over to her and picked her up out of his chair and sat her on the floor in front of his chair. Her tiny form almost looking like an exotic cat sitting at her owners feet.

Before he sat down Master pulled his member out and put Cindy’s hand on it, Cindy knew what was coming next as she fondled his penis.

“I know you are upset and need to be comforted, you can suck while I tell you what is going to happen.”

Cindy slowly and painfully did as she was told but not for comfort.

“Cindy Honey, I am sorry they treated you like you were just a common sex toy, I told them you were mine and to be easy on you but they didn’t… you did convince them to buy two sex dolls so that was a success but most importantly I can now count on Beverly’s vote on relaxing the controls on sex dolls… I promised you a computer plug and I’m gonna give you one and some new responsibilities with the company to keep you busy. You are going to be working with the R&D department on the new sex dolls we are planning, your coding skills will help us design and build the new version of sex dolls!”

Cindy continued to comfort “herself” as Master pulled an object out of his desk, he pulled her off his dick to show her the device. “This is your plug, you can use it to access all of the company networks, I know you like the computer and enjoy exploring it, now you can go online anyplace you want, play any games you want!”

Cindy smiled around his penis, she had got what she wanted, now she had to make it worth the effort, he pulled her up into his arms and carried her back to the bed with Patty and Sally. As she cuddled back up with the twins her joy was almost more than she could hide, she was going to bring them down, now she was sure of it!

Cindy woke to Patty and Sally standing over her, they both had grim looks on their faces. Patty started “Cindy we have thought over what happened and we are going to talk to Master to ask him not to loan you or any of us out again!”

Tears welled up in Cindy’s eyes, Master had inadvertently given her a chink in his armor, the “twins’ were actually questioning Masters actions! All the abuse had been worth it, computer access and sympathy breaking out in Patty and Sally!

Cindy had to get to work!

The next few days Cindy split her time between making love to Patty and Sally when Master wasn’t there, trying to capitalize on the new empathy they were displaying toward Cindy. The three way kiss Cindy liked so well was also enjoyed by Patty and Sally and Cindy used this to illicit her own sexual dominance over Patty and Sally. Cindy did her best to critique Master at every chance while love making and the Twins responded by fixating on Cindy and what Cindy had to say.

Masters visits to assuage his own desires were set backs to Cindy’s plans but his visits were few and far between due to Cindy manipulating the company in ways that required Master to travel for long periods. With Masters help after the fiasco with John and Bev Cindy had insinuated herself into the company computer network. Cindy had become an octopus with her tentacles in every pie the company had.

Cindy, Patty, and Sally were eating supper, the twins were good cooks and Cindy enjoyed these family like times together, unless Master showed up unexpectedly Cindy had plans for the night that included lots of lavender oil, sex, and dialog as she continued her whisper campaign against Master. Both Patty and Sally had begun to question their situation due to Masters cruelty to Cindy… sex and orgasm were her weapons and during and after good sex the twins were lucid and open to Cindy’s influence.

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