Fantasy Date!

I met her in a petshop while buying buying fish food, not quite 5′, her short stature was perfect for her chubby busty body. She had a halo of soft light strawberry blond hair, her bright hazel eyes and sweet round baby face hid her real age. She had piercings in her full pouty lips that surrounded her small round mouth. She seemed lost or at least looking for something, We were looking at the same tank of bright red fishes, she seemed delighted at the beauty of the tiny creatures.

She looked up at me and asked, “Do you keep fishes? My Daddy does, I always loved his aquariums” She mused.

I immediately asked her name, “Patty” she said in a soft shy voice.

We talked as we looked at the fishes, she told me she was 21, just out of college. Patty smiled shyly and told me in a conspiratorial voice “It’s my birthday!” She giggled with a little smile.

Her giggle tugged at my heart!

I smiled at her as I listened to how she was trying to figure out what to do with her life now that she was out of school, it seemed her major hadn’t exactly put her at the top of the job market.

I stopped and turned to her, I was so much older than her I was almost afraid to ask but I decided it was now or never. “Patty, would you let me take you out tonight for a light dinner at the beach? You deserve a birthday dinner, let me give you one!”

She turned her little pouty mouth onto into a tight o as she gave my suggestion a quick thought, “Just a dinner?” she said with a wispy smile. A tiny “ok” was her reply. She immediately reached into her over sized purse and pulled out a small notepad and wrote down her address in a red sharpie… handed it to me.

She went on in her soft voice, “I’d give you my number but my phone was stolen yesterday and my Daddy says I need to replace it myself”, she looked more than a little miffed.

I pocketed the note and smiled my biggest smile, “I’ll pick you up at 8, just casual, no pressure, its your birthday! ”

When I pull up outside her apartment she is dressed in a pleated skirt, black with leather belt and over sized brass buckle a green crop top exposing her sweet muffin top belly. Her top shows just enough cleavage to suggest big boobs without actually giving away the truth. Her skirt is modestly cut just above the knee. Those thick legs and bubble butt make my legs weak!

Good God how I like chubby girls!

Her nose ring is bright in the street lights as we drive, the little lip piercings glint as we drive under the street lights. Her face is full of joy, like someone who hasn’t been enjoying life of late suddenly dropped into a good time. Patty turns to me with that pouty little smile now open and showing her big white teeth. “I love your Jeep, I love the wind in my hair!”

I smile back as we pull into the Oyster Bar and go around and help her out of the Jeep, I get a glimpse of her thick legs as she gets down from the Jeep. Makes my heart race!

We walk in and all eyes are on this sweet young thing with me, makes my heart sing! The waitress seats us, I am a regular and we get a table overlooking the ocean surf. I can hear the surf as it pounds the beach under us.

The Waitress asks me if I want my usual, I laugh and say yes! “Bring us each a dozen oysters and a Bottle of cherry wheat beer and two shots of tequila… please sweetheart” and give her a wink. Debbie has been waiting on me so long she is almost family.

Patty’s laughter is musical and the brightness in her eyes mesmerizes me. I listen to her talk about her job, her life, her dreams. She is so full of energy!

After we finish eating and drinking we walk down the beach and its a dark Moon so I show her how to make the sand glow and squeak. She is fascinated and I get to see her on her knees as she works on making the sand around her knees glow.

We walk along and I take the opportunity to embrace her and begin with a light kiss to see if she is willing. She kisses back so I hold her tight as I kiss her mouth, long deep kisses eventually using my tongue and licking behind her ears while a give her a low growl, she giggles.

Patty returns the tongue kisses and I give her tongue a good sucking, her eyes get big in surprise so I give her my tongue and she slowly gets the idea to suck it.

We kiss and rub all over each for awhile and she is getting breathless, so I guide her back to the car and we drive again. I rub my hand up he skirt as we drive, she automatically scoots forward in the seat and spreads her legs… her kitty is nice and thick, shaved smooth and sleek!

We go to my apartment and go inside, when I turn on the lights I see that her face and neck are red and flushed.

I pull her close and ask if she is ok but she just says, “I’m always a little bit shy on the first date, I’m more used to wrestling with handsy, clumsy boys but you seem so confident, I wanted to be ready for you but I feel so swept up so… comfortable.
I’ve just never felt this way, so comfortable, so protected and yet so desired!

I sit on the couch and motion for her to Jon me but I ask her to lay back on my lap so we can kiss some more. I hold her in my arms and begin another round of kissing and heavy petting. I go to kiss her nipples and find she has nipple bars, black metal ones in her long pink nipples!

I rub her naked pussy and continue with the long deep kisses she orgasms easily after a few minutes, those little but continuous orgasms a good pussy rub brings, Patty’s tiny but continuous gasps between squeals of delight at the orgasms are sweet and cute.

I sit her back upon the couch and pull her forward to sit on the edge of the cushion lift her skirt and kneel in front of her, spread her legs and begin to lick her thighs working my way slowly up to her sweetness, glistening with her juices. I begin to kiss it, lightly at first then take it in mouth and suck her kitty up and lightly flick her clit. I feel her begin to shake,

I slide my finger up into her little naked kitty to caress her g spot, that little button of waffle skin just inside her pussy.

Patty is lost now, I can feel her leg muscles tighten as she begins to slowly climb the mountain of real orgasm, ever higher, like a volcano swelling with lava, Patty’s little pussy is swollen and hot under my sucking mouth and flicking tongue, I can taste her juices gushing out.

She begins this long high pitched squeal of delight as her orgasm sweeps her away. The squeal matures into a loud deep growl as her orgasm explodes into my waiting mouth sucking hard until the thighs begin to quiver, her legs are weak now but she continues to convulse as the peaks slowly diminish.

I continue to lick the inside of her thighs and across the top of her smooth kitty as she slowly comes down, finally kissing her kitty lightly over and over to soothe it.

I stand up and offer her my cock, its huge and hard, the tight skin is heavy with veins and and she moves forward to take it in her little chubby hands. Her big hazel eyes look at it in delight as I put my hand lightly on the back of her head, she doesn’t flinch and looks up at me expectantly so I begin to pull her forward. The swollen tight cockhead brushes up to her full pouty lips and I feel the lip piercings slowly part as my cock slides past them.

First thing I feel is her tongue ring rubbing just under my cock head as it slides in. She begins to suck and lick as she tugs on it with both hands as my hand guides her head back and forth.

My hand runs through her lovely hair and she looks up at me, my cock deeply embedded in Patty’s pretty face. I tell Patty how pretty she is what a good girl she is. She pulls back for a second and asks “Do you really think I’m pretty?”

I answer back, “yes my sweetheart, you are very pretty!” and I push my cock back into her pouty lips.

My pent up desire takes over and I pull her deep gagging her for a few seconds then I pull out of her throat and fill her mouth with the load that’s been building all evening. Her eyes get big as she tries to gulp it down but I tell her to wait and hold the cum in her mouth.

Her eyes get serious as my cock pulses over and over in her pretty little mouth, her thick pouty lips making a popping noise as I pull completely out. I finish up by getting a couple ropes of cum to splatter across her face.

I tell her to show it to me. She opens her mouth and I see her tongue stud swimming in cum with the gooey cream hanging from her nose and chin… I tell her to swallow it!

It takes her two gulps but she gets it down and a huge smile erupts across her face.

She says “thank you daddy”

I smile down at her, in my mind the this one thought screams!

“Patty is mine now!”

I tell her to get up and follow me, she looks submissively at me with those big hazel eyes and I lead her to the bed room…

I tell her to stand still as I begin to take off her clothes, I take off her blouse and release those bountiful round titties, much bigger than they looked in confined in her blouse they are round and sit up high like a young girl’s breasts should! The nipple studs only make them prettier!

I unbuckle her skirt and it falls to the floor revealing her full round soft spender, her apple butt is a wonder, her round chubby kitty pushes out, the thick outer lips hiding the secrete inside, an inny I think its called. I lightly rub my hands over her butt and up her back and over her breasts, she is breathing heavy and her face and chest are red and flushed. She feels scandalized but she likes it!

Patty smiles up at me and says “I’m sorry am blushing so hard but I usually don’t allow boys, suddenly she blushes even redder, men, to see me naked with the lights turned on.” I smile down at her and kiss her while I twist her long stiff nipples slightly, her breath sucks in hard and she giggles again.

I tell her to lay down and I reach into the night stand and get my bottle of coconut oil and spread it lightly around and begin to run it in all over her, Caressing all the soft round curves of her body making sure to lube up her butt good as I massage her.

I tell her to lay on her back as I spread her legs and kneel between them. I pull up her legs and cross them in front of her like she is a yoga pose. I bend down and give her sweet little naked kitty a good licking and sucking to make sure it is nice and lubed.

I get back up on my knees and quickly shove my cock into her tight but well lubed pussy, the sudden entry makes her gasp and I begin to fuck her slick pussy. Patty looks up at me in amazement as my cock head rings her bell with each thrust, over and over. Her pussy is so tight Its hard not to pound it and fill it with my love and passion but I have other plans.

I pull out and rub my cock head against her rose bud, I look at her meaningfully and with a little bit of fear in her eyes she nods yes.

I slowly rub my cock head around her rose bud as she moans, I dribble a little more oil on her rose bud and slowly begin to work it in.

Her eyes get big and wide her lips purse but she doesn’t protest and as my cockhead spreads her butt open and slides in she moans a little bit more, finally as the head gets past her anus she relaxes and closes her eyes.

I continue to pump my cock into her ass, deeper each time it goes in and finally I am pounding her butt, my balls slapping her cheeks as she reaches down begins to roughly rub her clit as I fuck her hard.

I feel her legs begin to quiver so I allow myself to begin to orgasm as she gasps for air and cums over and over I fill her butt up with a huge load and then pull out and watch the semen run out and pool on the bed.

I let her put her legs down and climb up beside her and cuddle her tight as she slowly stops quivering. I growl in her ear again, she giggles ”will you be my daddy from now on?”

“You can call me Poppa from now on!”

“You want to go for sushi tomorrow night?”

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