My own political allegiance has always been “complicated” I’m registered as a Democrat but loyalty to one party has always seemed disingenuous at the very best. How anyone can claim to follow anything without some kind of filter has always been beyond my ability to understand.

I was once told my politics was easy to define, I was one of those people who hated everyone who disagreed with me and when i was young that might have had some merit. But as I grew older I realized that the only person I could be sure was telling the truth was me and my wife and since my first wife was about as loyal as an ally cat marrying the second time required quite a leap of faith but ultimately that faith was justified.

But still loyalty to one particular group evaded me, it was and is difficult for me to understand how anyone could be loyal to something they didn’t yet know.

Both “parties” have flaws and the closer you get to the extremes the bigger the flaws become until it get to the point of sides becoming a circle that meets in the (secret) back. The secret back room is populated by both republicans and democrats suckling at the teats of the olgarcy.

Both sides exist to feed off the rich and powerful, i’m not talking about the rich guy who created a successful business or income stream through hard work or even through inheriting it from someone who did. People have a right to profit from honest work, no qualifiers, we the people have that right.

We do not have the right to buy the government and control everything to the point that no one else has the opportunity. A small cadre of fabulously wealthy people have the ability to pretty much change everything to their own desires but they do not and should not have the right to do so.

With it’s unholy marriage to the Republican party Religion has lost any relevance it once had, religion once had the ability to shame, if nothing else, the desire and drive to control and or abuse others. Now religion is the temple of such abuse and control. Money was once the root of all evil now money is the route by which the power to abuse and control is obtained.

Again I say I am not talking about people who use their money to better society or even to ignore society. As long as a person lives within the rules of a society that gives all the same rights and privileges to everyone and protects the majorities as well as the minorities I say bravo! I know people who are quite well off financially, I don’t like all of them on a personal level but I respect them for being decent human beings.

In recent years, let us say the last 50 or so mainly because any earlier would be well before my time on this planet, it seems that the bid for money and power has become a means to an end seperate from simply being a decent human being.

The extremes of both sides have met, they know the only challenge remaining is to eliminate the middle class and turn us into surfs at best, slaves at worst.

This drive to control everything they deem valuable can only end in serfdom for the rest of us. This will result in Capitalist Communism, a small number of oligarchs who own and control everything. The only other path is Democratic Socialism not to be confused with Socialistic Communism Where one group owns and controls everything… oops Lenin must be smiling in his grave…

We can do better but we must come together as one people instead of the fractions our current political system drive us toward.

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Hurricane Florence!

Hurricane Florence:
Destruction-Devastation, Fear-Terror, Frustration-Boredom, and Being Human…

For us Florence began to get our attention Thursday afternoon around two o’clock, the wind had picked up and was waving trees around and rain was beginning to be significant, the splatter of rain against the windows would only grow stronger with the wind. By Thursday night chaos reigned, the street lamps revealed tree limbs blowing down the street and power lines whipping back and forth while the rain was coming down much faster than it could drain away.
Soon the power began to cut on and off and it began to take longer to boot back up than the power lasted once you had the computer running. Due to power fluctuations watching TV was no longer possible either, and begrudgingly I went around the house unplugging all the electronics in preparation for losing power. Finally, tired of seeing the lights blink on and off I went to bed hoping that by morning the storm would be declining in strength and maybe the power would be on and steady… my hope was unfounded to say the least.
Friday morning was hot, humid, and almost suffocating. No power greeted me as my eyes opened, the ceiling fan was still, my clock radio was silent, and no bright red time numerals glared out of its’ face. Both my basset hounds looked at me accusingly as though the hot still air was my fault and I should do something about the rain and wind that was beating the windows. Neither dog wanted to go out in the storm, but I insisted and the quickest urination on record was accomplished and back up into the house they scuttled.
I opened the curtains on my front window and was immediately confronted with a tree that shouldn’t be there, the yard next door had gifted me a giant downed tree smashed up against my house. More than 3 feet thick and 75 feet tall, the Long Leaf Pine had given up its fight against gravity, later I would find out a tornado had gone down our street and wiped out the electric transmission poles, wires, transformers, not to mention several huge long needle pine trees like the one now laying in my yard. These trees hadn’t been broken off or blown over they were twisted up and yanked out of the ground leaving giant holes behind.
My neighbors were all in as bad or even worse shape than me and the storm was still getting stronger the worse was still to come. The wind and rain were far too bad to ignore, and the sounds of trees being destroyed feed a constant fear that prevented any real rest, only the radio continued to be an oasis, a wellspring of information little to none of it good at this point. The constant indoor heat, humidity, and total lack of air movement resulted in streamers of constant sweat, running and dripping, wetting all clothing within minutes of changing so that soon all our clothing was soaked. Sleep was no longer possible, night time was just as hot and humid as day, tempers began to flare. The floors which had been cool when the AC was working now gleamed with condensation and refused to dry, everything was wet and slippery.
I thought I had seen rain in my life, I’ve been through several hurricanes, nor’easters, severe week-long rain events, here on the coast rain is a constant, but Saturday morning about 3am rain took on a new meaning. Rain is usually measured in inches a year or maybe, in a really bad rain storm, several inches an hour in the course of about 30 minutes it must have rained at a rate of several inches a minute. I think a person could have drowned just walking around outside! My entire neighborhood was underwater. Not just a few inches ponding up but in places more than two feet deep, no land was visible, my carport was inundated about 12” and my deck was under a couple inches. The water ran under my house but missed getting inside by maybe 4”. The stark terror of looking out to see water creeping up the side of my house was something I hope to never see again. Later I realized just how lucky I was as the local river crested at record levels above flood stage and swamped much of downtown and out lying areas resulting in more than 3700 people having to be rescued by boat and helicopter. My entire city/county was cut off from the outside world, as of Saturday 9/22/18 access to this area is still iffy. Supplies are still being flown in by helicopter.
All day Saturday the wind and rain raged while everyone just sat and sweated, more than 48 hours had passed, and Florence couldn’t see she had worn out her welcome and continued to very slowly spin over us as she moved at less than a crawl on her journey inland. The wind and rain continued but my wife and I decided to cook all the food that was thawing in our refrigerators and give it away to the neighbors and workers who were even then braving the storm to fix the devastated infrastructure. We made a huge pot of stew, 25 pounds or more of meat and three times that much in frozen and fresh vegetables, almost 10 gallons were passed out to people hadn’t seen a hot meal in days and the storm continued!
Reports of large snakes in yards and gators wandering around the streets are coming in, the flood waters were causing wild animals to act strangely, I guess they don’t like Florence any better than we do. Domestic animals are taking a hit as well, drowning chickens, horses and pigs out of their barns and pens. Hog waste ponds are being flushed into the rivers by the rising rivers as well as coal ash storage areas being breached and washed into the rivers contributing to the pollution burden already soaring due to Florence.
By Sunday frustration at not being able to get clean or dry gave way to boredom, not being able to do anything but listen to the radio, no clean or even dry clothes, the smell of molding dirty clothes and refrigerated food going bad was maddening. The wind and rain were too bad to get out and do yard work, that would come later, but the hot, wet, dirty, and stinky seemed to taunt us, holding us hostage to the storm.
Monday morning there was this strange ball of orange light in the sky later identified as the sun. The sun didn’t last long and gave way to more rain and wind, my neighbor and I struck out to find ice and we found a line of people several blocks long the head of which was said to be an ice factory. Ice! The very idea was as alluring as water to a man caught in the desert. At least 400 people were ahead of me when I stepped in line and the first thing that caught my eye was the people, all kinds, all shapes, sizes, colors, financial standing, religions, genders, ages, it was evident that Florence was an equal opportunity disaster. We stood in line two hours, we got rained on, at times a hard driving rain but ice was at the end of our wait. $8 for 40# of ice, to drink cold water was glorious, iced sweet tea divine! The ice made the sweltering heat almost bearable!
You would have thought that two hours in line in the heat, humidity, and rain would have made people cranky, but the mood was one of almost celebration as we moved forward. People with umbrellas helping to shelter those without from the rain, the young helping the old carry their coolers and everyone laughing and joking. It was a very enjoyable way to spend two hours.
The spirit of humanity came out during this event, people helping people, the sharing of food, water, and ice, neighbors getting to know each other, and hardship melded us together.
We spent the next 6 days chasing ice, food, water, and batteries but we did it together each of us making sure others were taken care of. Yes some people did questionable things, several people were killed, many others injured, property destroyed and maybe some developers found out why much of the county hadn’t been built on until quite recently but for a short while we become a community of human beings instead of lots of small groups in opposition to each other over matters that for a time weren’t as important as was thought.
Damage was widespread, most streets were blocked by dozens of giant pine trees, their corpses now lying in state, mute testimony to the wind and rain and how those two work together to allow a giant to be brought down. Besides the longleaf pines, which had lost many of the patriarchs of their community, were pecan trees and oak trees, often giants in their own right, now lying in state, victims of soft ground and high winds. Many would be a wood worker delight if there was someway to get the huge, often filled with burls and other beauty marks, trunks to a saw.
For a week the night sky was often lit up by the explosion of transformers as though some Decepticons had managed to sneak in with the shipments of Transformers from inland storage sites. Thousands of Linemen and fleets of trucks from all over the USA and Canada poured in to help rebuild the power grid, often working for days with no sleep. My hat is off to those wonderful folks and I hope they enjoyed southern hospitality to it’s fullest.
Churches, civic groups, and even the government stepped up to the plate and made sure people had what we needed to survive but I think the individuals who came forward and allowed the needs of others to supersede their own, if only for a time, showed us all what it means to be human…

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Meat eaters!

I have never liked being exposed like this, even statistically it’s not a clever idea to be inside an object exposed to space.
This is my third time being ejected from a sky park, the next one that has agreed to take me is three more months away with the capabilities of my torus. Being smallish cuts down on impacts from micro meteoroids, exposing the thinner minor diameter to the direction we are travelling helps as well, but my point defense system needs at least three men to operate. Being something I cobbled together the first time I had to “travel” without a tug or shield I never hooked it into any AI… well if I had been able to afford an AI I probably would still be there.
Living in the asteroid belt wasn’t exciting unless your particular career choice doesn’t make as much profit as you had hoped… It’s not like genetically engineered ecosystems aren’t popular, it has more to do with my choice of area to start up my “shop”.
They told me to go to Jupiter’s LaGrange points, densely populated and lots of monetarily able people who live to create their own little worlds. Very popular past time among the upper middle class, mostly retired miners living among the debris of their lives.
In the belt? Not so much… Of course, that is where I went…
This time instead of ecosystems I had planned to use my GMO equipment to grow meat animals! Sounded good at the time, the sky park I am currently distancing myself from turned out to be Vegetarians, Vegans they called themselves, or something like that, talk about a close call! When they boarded my home to inspect before letting me hook the torus up to their life support the Park Police found all the animals I had processed for sale.
Tons of meat all cut into small pieces, wrapped in transparent plastic, and on display as the six inspectors lost their shit, they took all the meat, ejected it from the parks outer shell and came very close to sending me after it! Confiscated as much of my equipment they could, and it followed the meat out into space.
Told me how lucky I was to be allowed to live and briskly ejected me and my home back out into free orbit. It didn’t seem to matter all the meat was lab grown and no actual living animals were ever involved…
Now the sky park and am approaching says they welcome meat, claim themselves as self-styled carnivores, they say I’ll fit right in…

Should I have told them all my equipment is destroyed beyond repair? Probably, but what the hell, there is always the next sky park…

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Slave girl part three, NSFW!!!

Part Three

Six weeks had passed since Patty found out that Cindy was an EnGen, six weeks since Patty had found out what an EnGen was. Cindy had proven to be a handful, she was incapable of reading, or at least had no interest in reading. Nor did she respond to pictures unless they were pictures of sex. Sex was her entire world, it was how she communicated, sex was all she knew how to do and all she was interested in. Cindy was basically an eighteen-year-old sex fiend, always would be. After six weeks of trying to teach her to be something else, anything else, Patty was convinced she could never be anything else. The only ways to keep her truly occupied was either by sex or by letting her watch sex movies.

Master had been visiting for the last week, highly unusual for him to stay more than one night out of five much less seven in a row. Patty was thrilled with having her Master home every night, but Cindy’s presence had taken some of the joy out his visit, even Master seemed to be getting tired of her. Patty was in her study reading a magazine, she loved to read the latest news about science and discovery, Master made sure she got dozens of new magazines and books every month to keep her occupied. Master was sitting across the room with his laptop going through information about the company. Cindy was watching a particularly explicit sex tape, it even made Patty feel uncomfortable. No doubt Cindy would want to try some of the stuff she was watching, she did have an uncanny ability to ape the behavior of others if it pertained to sex.

Out of the corner of her eye Patty saw Master close his laptop and stand up, Cindy immediately Jumped up anticipating another round of “fuck Cindy” but Master looks down at Cindy and says. “Watch your movie Cindy, Mistress Patty and I have some business to attend to, we’ll call for you when we are ready.”
Cindy looks disappointed but sits back down with a huff of “Yes Master”

“Come Patty, let’s talk in private!”

Patty rises, “yes Master,” and follows Master as he walks to Patty’s bedchamber. As Patty goes through the door Master Locks the door and turns to Patty with a smile. “Maybe we can be alone now my sweet angel!”

Patty’s face lights up, she hasn’t been along with her master since he came to visit, Cindy intrudes on everything she does. Patty immediately assumes her position, forehead on the floor. “Command me Master!”
Her master looks down and smiles, “stand up Patty and lie on the bed, I want to enjoy you another way today.”

Patty immediately lays on the bed and master lays beside her. He brushes away her thin silk gown and starts to run his large rough hands over her body. He stops to twist each of her nipples, a rather hard twist, and Patty inhales deeply as the slight pain runs down her body. Master bends down and kisses her lips slow and soft at first and then harder, he kisses her neck and nibbles her ears. Patty’s entire body is beginning to grow warm with his caresses. Master looks down at her and begins to talk as his hands roam her body.

“Patty, I have been here for seven straight days,” his hands find her kitty, covered with long curly red hair, Patty gasps as his finger finds her clitoris. He pauses in his talk and takes on of Patty’s big pink nipples in his mouth and sucks it hard until it is long and stiff. Patty is breathing hard, “I have been watching you and Cindy interact,” His big fingers spread her apart and probe inside her now wet kitty. Patty is trying to pay attention but it is getting difficult. One of his fingers finds Patty’s “G” spot and begins to rub it. Patty convulses up at his touch. “I have decided to send Cindy back to the factory to be reprogrammed, she is not a good companion to you.” Patty begins to protest, but Master shushes her. “Patty this is not your decision, I have made it and it stands, they have already taken her while we have been talking.” Patty cannot concentrate, by now her need to have masters attention is greater than her concern for Cindy. She closes her eyes as she feels Master run his tongue down her chest between her bulging breasts to her tummy. His tongue runs down between her legs and licks the inside of her thighs, Patty is quivering with lust as his tongue finally licks up between her legs for a few seconds and then runs up into her kitty. Patty’s moans fill the room as her beloved Master takes her clitoris into his mouth and begins to suck, his tongue flicks back forth over the tip of her clitoris very lightly, faster and faster. Patty’s orgasms are slow but hard, one after another as her Master leads her to each one with caresses of his hands and flicks of his tongue. When he is finished pleasuring her he slowly rolls her over and she feels him rubbing oil into her anus. Patty gasps as she feels his huge cock slowly push her rectum open and penetrate. Patty reaches back and pulls her butt cheeks part so Master can get in better, as he slowly pumps her butt Patty smiles and thinks about Cindy, She will miss Cindy’s attentions but enough is enough, Cindy just wasn’t a friend at all, just a sex toy… Patty orgasms again as Master fills her but with his cum, she feels his cock pull out and a shot of cum sprays across her back, a few drops hit the side of her face and Patty dutifully licks it off with her tongue.
Patty spends the night sleeping on her Masters chest, all thoughts of Cindy or being replaced gone. The next morning after sucking her Master’s cock and gets a belly full of his cum. Master rubs her head and talks as Patty sucks.
“Today Patty we are going to visit my factory, I’m going to let you look over the companion models of the sex toys and see if you can find one you might like. I will be gone at least six months this time and I need to know you will not be lonely.”
As Patty finishes up her morning devotion to her Master, she licks her lips and looks him in the eye. “Is it possible that Cindy could be reprogrammed to be a better companion and still be willing to pleasure me when I want instead of attacking me all the time?”
Master laughs, “so you do like Cindy after all?
Patty tries to look meek as she says. “Yes master Cindy was exotically beautiful, she was a great lover but she was far to insistent and active to be a good friend. She needs to be smarter and able to discuss something other than sex. It would be nice if she liked to read and discuss the things she reads about!”
Master laughs again, “Well Cindy’s are not supposed to be anything but sex toys, they were designed that way, but since I am the one who designed all the sex companions I guess we could give that a try.”
“Does she have to be so small and short?”
“Yes, the law states that all sex toys have to be no more than 4’6” tall, they all have to be female and they all have to be submissive.”
“Can you give her bigger boobs?” Patty asked with a mischievous smile.
Master laughs again, “yes my sweet angel, I think I can arrange that for you, do you want her enlarged clitoris removed?”
“Oh no Master,” Patty replied with an evil smile, “I think I can put up with that part just the way it is!”
“Patty, I think there is an evil streak in you about a mile wide! Now get dressed for the public, wear your very best, I want you to outshine all the freewomen today!”
Patty squeals as Master pops her on the butt as he leaves the room!
Patty picks out her best dress and emerald necklace, her diamond collar and gold link leash. As she dresses she thinks about how wonderful her life is and how lucky she was to be picked off that auction block by her Master!
The trip to Master’s factory was long, a special car had arrived to pick them up and Patty took in the sights along the old interstate highway they traveled along. Forests, lakes, open fields, Patty couldn’t remember ever having seen such sights, Patty wondered why, her former owner’s estates should have had those things. Before long Patty dismissed these thoughts as Master pulled her to him and she spent some very satisfying time giving him the pleasure of her talented Mouth and tongue.
As she walked through the factory beside her Master patty noticed there was no one else around. She had expected to see hundreds of workers, maybe slave workers but at each turn there appeared only empty spaces. “Where is everyone my Master? Shouldn’t your factory be full of workers this time of day?”
“No Patty, everyone was given the day off so I could show you around with no interruptions. I want you to be able to make your choices with no distractions.”
As the turned a corner they came to a door, master took a key out of his pocket to open the door. Patty could feel goose bumps crawling up and down her spine as he motioned her in.
Inside the room was what looked like several dozen upright metal canisters, each one was labeled and had a window where a person could look in. Each canister was just tall enough to hold a small person like Cindy had been.
Master stepped out and motioned to the cylinders, “if you look closely you will see each canister is labeled with a name. Each row has a different name and houses a different series of sex toy. The name and a brief description of each toy is on the cylinder under the window. Walk around and look, see if any strike your fancy!”
Patty began to walk down the rows, each row had a name, Debbie, Anna, Wendy, Cindy was there, Pamela, Julia, each one had a window you could look into. Patty looked into several and saw girls with black skin, blue skin, brown skin, even green skin. Their hair color was as wild as the skin tones. Patty had never seen such skin and hair color on real people. Over by the side was a Cindy cylinder off by itself. Patty walked to it. Inside was white haired Cindy, pale pink skin, and pink eyes. Patty drew back, “is that my Cindy Master?”
“Yes Patty, that is your Cindy, the only one of her type, no other albino Cindy’s have been made.”
Master walked over to Patty, “one more you need to see Patty, this one is unique as well. Like Cindy only a limited number was made. In this case only two.” Master guided patty over to a cylinder that was sitting by itself. This one was slightly taller than the rest. Patty looked in. A look of complete horror crossed her face, she backed away screaming NO NO NO. As she turned to her beloved master she struck him in the face with all her might and began to try and claw his face. Master held her down easily and injected a syringe into her neck. Patty collapsed quickly.
Patty woke up strapped to a table, she was nude, her Master looked down at her, tears streamed down her face. Patty knew she had committed the unforgivable, a slave that attacked her master would be killed, usually very slowly in public as a deterrent to other slaves. Patty knew she was doomed.
Master looked down at her, no one else seemed to be about. Patty began to plead with Master, “please kill me quickly my Master, I lost control and I am sorry but to see myself in that cylinder was more than I could take! Please do not let them torture me in the square, I have been a good slave and I loved you dearly!”
Master looked down at Patty, there was no anger in his eyes. “Patty you will not be killed, I have brought you here to help me make your companion and by your own request make Cindy your equal. I’ll give her your brain, intelligence and I think your original computer skills, if I edit out the personal information that makes you Patty and leave in the Cindy persona. She should make your life interesting and possibly even help my company by doing coding work. I see no reason why an engen slave couldn’t be useful to my business as well as my libido!”
“You were the first sex toy I made, way before the laws define what you could and could not do. I gave you all the mind and body it was possible to give. I made you in the image of my first love. She was a computer coder, extremely smart and capable. She was killed when the enemy overran the city of Brownsville many years ago. I had saved some of her hair and from that I was able to make a copy. You are that copy, and so is the girl from the cylinder, look beside you.”
Patty looked over to see what looked like herself strapped to another table, blankly looking up. Patty screamed again, a long mournful scream of terror.
Master stroked Patty’s face, “Patty, there is no need for fear, I am just going to copy your mind and down load it into her. A little reprogramming and some deletions and you will wake up with a twin sister who was rescued along with you from the auction block!”
Patty was wild eyed, her face contorted in rage, “Never! I am a real person, I cannot be reprogrammed! I will not allow this to happen, NEVER!”
Master looked down at Patty, “I want you to know something Patty, I love you very very much and I couldn’t allow this you to be chopped up and throw away. A master cannot tell his slave he loves her but you will know it in your unconscious and so will your twin sister. You will both be my slaves, live in luxury and service me because both of you will love me just like you do now! I will have to move you to another city where no one will know you but that will be easy!” master stepped up to Patty and injected her neck again and as she slipped away to sleep she thought of how wrong she had been, she wasn’t a real person, just a sex toy…
……….. epilogue
Patty and Sally were pacing the room, tonight had been a very special night. Their Master had brought them a present, a wondrous present. They didn’t understand why Master had decided they needed such a gift. But the gift opened a most wonderful set of possibilities. Master had owned Patty and Sally since they were 18. Over the years they had become totally devoted to being Masters sex slaves, Master was good, he was generous, Patty and Sally had not imagined such a grand life when they had been sold into general servitude. Most people were sold into bondage as factory workers, such workers were in high demand, both Patty and Sally had an education, they would have brought big money as factory workers. Patty and Sally knew that most factory workers seldom lived to see ten years of servitude, exposure to the chemicals and dangers of the work environment usually resulted in severe injury or even death to most factory worker slaves after just ten years.
Patty and Sally had been thrilled to find their young lives would not be wasted on the factory floor when their former masters had been convicted as enemies of the state and their possessions confiscated and sold at auction. They missed their family; estate life had been good and the horror of being sold off after the collapse when their former master and mistress had gone to the gallows had almost been enough to kill them both inside as well. But their new master was good and kind in his own way. He never beat them if they obeyed, he never hurt them for fun other than the little pains that had sex feel better. As they paced they went over the events of the day…
Suddenly the door to their chamber was flung open and their Master walked in, Patty and Sally were thrilled and ran to him and dropped to their knees and pressed their foreheads to the floor waiting for his command. Master looked down at Patty and Sally, their long flaming red hair made a halo around both their heads on the floor. Their pale white skin covered with freckles shown in the gaps their flimsy thin robes didn’t cover.
Master said, “Patty, Sally, look up at me, I have a very special present for you.”
Patty and Sally raised their heads to look at their master, their eyes shown with devotion to Master, all good things flowed from Master. When the two girls saw what he was carrying their eyes got wide. He had what appeared to be a person wrapped in a blanket, it was a small person, it’s feet hung out from one end and long white hair hung out the other end.
“Rise my sweet Girls, see what I have brought for you”
Patty and Sally got to their feet, Master was tall, six feet and six inches, and both Patty and Sally were short, five feet at most, flaming red hair to their waist, very busty and slightly chubby. They were identical twins and Master liked them that way and they took great pains to maintain their appearance exactly the way Master wanted. Both girls noticed their Master taking in the sight of them, it made their nipples tighten up under their thin silk gowns.
“Come with me my little ladies to your bed chamber” Patty and Sally obediently followed their Master.
Master laid his bundle on the bed and unwrapped the most amazing thing the two girls had ever seen, a girl, much shorter than even Patty and Sally, long completely white hair, very pale pink skin, a small streak of equally white hair grew from her kitty. Even her eyebrows and eyelashes were white as snow. Patty looked at Sally in amazement at this small creature Master had laid on their bed.
“Patty, Sally, she is yours, you both will be her mistresses. No longer will you girls be lonely when I am away. This one will keep you company, warm your bed in the long lonely nights. You can train her to do anything you wish, she was the prized slave of a woman who couldn’t stop gambling, I took this sweet girl as payment for her former mistresses gambling debt. Treat her well and she will loyal to you and please you in all ways.
Patty and Sally stared in astonishment at this gift, Master had been generous in the past, a diamond collar and a gold link chain leash for each when Master took them out in public. Jewelry to wear in public, emeralds big as the girl’s nipples even dresses of silk and other fine fabric, Master liked to show them off. Even this place they lived in, as grand in a way that even the masters of their world seldom experienced, but to have their own slave!
The two girls turned to their Master, In unison they said “ I do not know what to say Master, she is beautiful, but she is so young, shouldn’t she be with her family at this age?”
Master looked at patty hard, “Girls do you question your Masters gift? Have I been too good to you?”
A horrified look passed over Patty and Sally’s freckled faces, “oh no Master, never, please forgive us.” Patty and Sally dropped to their position, foreheads pressed to the floor.
Patty and Sally couldn’t see it but their Master smiled, his feelings for the twins went beyond slave and master but he could never let them know that. “Girls, she is 18, the same age as you two when I bought you at auction, she is just small in stature, skinny and undernourished. I expect you to change that!”
Patty and Sally kept their forehead on the floor, but she answered, “Yes my Master, it will be as you say.”
Master smiled again, “Patty, Sally, rise up, I have need of your talents.”
Patty and Sally rose to their knees to see Master’s cock, hard and tight, looking them in the face. The twins smiled, their Master wasn’t upset, he still desired them. Patty and Sally took turns kissing and licking the head of his cock then Patty took his cock in her mouth and began to suck while Sally kissed master’s body as she awaited her turn. Master took a handful of that wonderful red hair and pulled Patty to him, Master’s cock slid all the way down Patty’s throat, and he began to enjoy Patty’s skills. Sally looked up at her Master, her eyes were full of love and devotion. The two girls loved their master more than anything. The girl on the bed opened her eyes and a look of horror crossed her face and she hid in the blanket.
Cindy was different now, she had a mind, she had the means to learn and the desire. A mistake had been made, her old memories were still with her as well as a mind equal to Patty’s and the original Patty’s computer skills . Her obsessive attitude towards sex was now directed towards knowledge. Cindy was going to change this world as soon as she gained access to the internet. Cindy vowed to bring this world down… down to it’s knees in front of her…

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sex slave part two NSFW!

Part two
The next few days revealed some startling things about Cindy and maybe even Patty. Cindy seemed to have an almost pathological oral fixation, Patty’s body was soon covered with tiny red suction marks left by Cindy. Patty’s nipples began to get so raw she had to restrict the time Cindy was allowed to suckle. But Patty’s clitoris was Cindy’s main object of sucking desire. Patty had to limit her to three times a day just to be able to stand the orgasms generated by Cindy’s attentions. But one thing stood out so much it made all the rest of Cindy’s weirdness seem tame. Cindy had a cock, well not really, it was an enlarged clitoris, but it was five inches long and one inch thick. It could only get erect if it was sucked but once it was hard Cindy could use like a man, it was only half as big as masters’ cock, but Patty liked it even better than the sucking. Patty liked anal sex very much and Cindy’s large clitoris was the perfect size. Sex with Cindy was wonderful!
When it came time to go to market Patty was looking through her closet to pick out her public shopping dress, she would wear her leather collar with her ID badge attached. Once out into the world of free people and other slaves Patty needed her identification to make sure she could buy the food and other goods she required to maintain herself in the style master wanted for her. In some ways she dreaded these trips, often the freewomen would berate her, call her names until they saw her badge and realized she was owned by one of the most powerful men in the world. Then the catcalls and rude remarks descended into mutterings as she walked along. These days almost everyone recognized her and often these trips were even pleasant. But today she was taking her slave with her. A slave with her own slave was unusual even for a favorite like Patty but she wanted to show off her new charge. Master had at least implied she could take Cindy with her, so she decided she would! Master had left a note telling her to make sure Cindy was covered well with sunscreen if Patty took her out since her skin was so sensitive but Patty’s skin was sensitive as well so Patty was well versed in sunscreen.
First Patty had to explain what was going to happen to Cindy, Cindy had been kept in seclusion and had never been out before.
“Cindy come to me,” Cindy immediately ran to her side and prostrated herself on the floor like Patty did for Master. “Cindy look up at me,” commanded Patty. Cindy did as she was told, her white eyebrows and long white lashes were extremely exotic but her wide pink eyes were simply unheard of to Patty. It was unnerving to look into those eyes.
“Cindy, we are going shopping for our food and a few odds and ends, I could call and just have it delivered but I like to pick out the best for us. Sometimes I cook for master and he only eats the very best. Master is coming to see us tonight and we must be ready for anything he wants!
Cindy looked horrified, she said, “Mistress, I have never been to the market or anyplace else. Will we be safe?” Suddenly another look of horror passed over her face, “Mistress will you give me to this man? Will he have his way with me like my former owner told me?”
Patty chuckled, “Cindy, master already owns you, you are his to take at any time, I cannot give him what he already owns! You just follow my lead and do what Master says and you will be rewarded just like I am! His ownership protects us, no one would mess with our Masters slaves!”
Cindy looked dubious, but she tried a small smile, “if it must happen it will, I am yours to command my Mistress.”
Patty kissed Cindy on the forehead, “My little dove, you will enjoy Master’s attentions, I guarantee it! We need to get dressed a big day and night is ahead of us!”
Patty had to start out the trip by applying sunscreen to her and Cindy, Cindy rubbed the oil on Patty and Patty rubbed it on Cindy. Cindy insisted on making it a sexual experience and Patty was in too much of a hurry to argue so by the time Patty and Cindy were slathered with sunscreen they both were out of breath.
Patty had ordered a custom made bright blue silk dress, hoop skirt, custom fitted, long with large puffy sleeves, pantaloons and all the correct undergarments a lady should wear, and a matching umbrella to shield Cindy from the hot sun. Patty wore her green silk dress with a similar design. A plunging neckline on Patty showed just how well-endowed she was but Cindy had small breasts, her neckline was more modest. Master would want them to look their best since they were representing him and his ability to own the best. Such details not only demonstrated to the public that she was special to her Master it drove the free women to fits of envy to see her dressed like a lady. Patty not so secretly enjoyed that greatly!
Patty locked a similar collar on Cindy, with her own ID badge and attached a leash, slaves were to be controlled at all times. Patty was special to her master and had a special badge denoting her status but Cindy had none, it would have been illegal for Cindy to go out and not be on a leash.
Patty led Cindy down the ramp and hailed a robo cab, they got in and Patty allowed the cab to scan her badge to show she had credit and away they went to the market. By this time Cindy was so excited she begged to suck a nipple and Patty had to let her to get her to calm down. Cindy’s oral fixation was puzzling and Patty was going to ask master why Cindy was like this next time he was home.
Cindy was very excited when they exited the cab, she had told Patty she had never been to market before and she was very excited to see it. All Patty could think of was what was it going to take to calm Cindy down when they got home!
As they walked along Patty leading Cindy on her leash they began to get many strange stares. Patty heard “engen” muttered under peoples’ breaths as she stopped at various stalls to order food to be delivered to her compound. Finally, a well-dressed freewoman stopped Patty.
“Well well well, it looks like the sex toy has been replaced finally!”
“What does it feel like to train your replacement, sex toy?”
Many people began to laugh around her. “What are you talking about freewoman?” asked Patty.
The laughter grew, “poor little sex toy, don’t you know what you have on that leash?”
“Yes,” replied Patty immediately, “she is my slave, master gave her to me!”
The laughter become harsher, “Stupid sex slave, she is EnGen, she is a genetically engineered sex toy, they are going to replace all you sluts the men have been fucking all these years and all you sluts will go back to hard labor like you are supposed to be doing!”
The shouts were becoming angry now, a piece of rotten fruit almost hit Patty. Patty gathered up her skirts and led Cindy away hurriedly. Patty’s face was red and her heart was beating wildly. What could those terrible people have meant?
Patty was terrified by the time she got home, a glitch in her key card seemed to be denying her entrance into her own apartments. It made her realize she wasn’t really home just in her slave quarters.
She took off the heavy dress and put on her best ethereal silk gown and dressed Cindy the same way. Master was due home tonight, she would have to figure out a way to ask these questions without being disrespectful to master. She was lost deep in thought as Cindy did her best to suck Patty’s clitoris completely off….
As Patty waited for her master she thought of Cindy and her abilities, if Cindy was as good at sucking cock as she was at sucking a clit Cindy could replace Patty easily, maybe Master was one of those men who liked cocks and woman too. It was puzzling, so much so Patty missed her apartment door opening and she was lying back with Cindy between her legs when Master walked in.
“Patty,” Master said in his low gentle voice, “are you having fun with your sex toy? Have you forgotten I am due home tonight?”
Patty jumped up wide eyed, Cindy was thrown into the floor as Patty assumed her position on the floor. Cindy was in a panic, she didn’t know what to do.
“Patty, do you not think it would be a good idea to show Cindy what she should do when I come in? A slave should always know what to do when their master comes in the room.”

Patty looked up and Cindy, panic was all over her face. Patty tried to tell Cindy what to do but her position on the floor keeps her from being able to get Cindy’s attention.
Finally, master steps in, “Patty get up, show Cindy what to do, it’s not fair to leave her like this.”
Totally embarrassed, Patty jumps up, “Cindy, please listen to your Mistress, kneel down like I did and put your forehead on the floor like I did. You must show your submission to our Master!”
Hesitatingly, Cindy kneels down and puts her forehead on the floor in front of master. There are tears in her eyes.
“Patty, what is this, why does Cindy cry? Rise up Patty and tell me what is going on!”
Patty raises her head from the floor and looks up at her Master.
“Master she is afraid if you, her former owner filled her head full of lies about male masters and she is terrified you are going to hurt her.”
“Did you tell her this was not true? I will not hurt her any more than I would you.”
“Yes Master, but she has heard this all her life, she believes it.”
Master rubs his chin as he thinks, “Damn that Fiona, she has filled this toy up with her bullshit, if she cannot be convinced that crap isn’t true I’ll have to erase her mind and raise her all over again!”
Patty looks up at her beloved master with questions in her eyes. “Erase her mind? Raise her again?”
“Yes Patty, come with me into the other room and I will explain. “Cindy hold that position until your Mistress tells you otherwise.” With that Master leads Patty into the bedroom. “Patty, the girl I gave you is very special, but she is not a real human, she was made in a vat, she has always been 18 and will always be 18, All the engen girls do not age, they stay 18 forever, she has only been alive two years and that bitch Fiona has ruined her!”
Patty sinks into deep thought, “so that is why she has an oral fixation?”
“Yes Patty, she has been programmed to love to suck, she has no gag reflex or qualms about doing anything or at least she shouldn’t. Fiona seems to have programmed her to fear men. I thought you would enjoy her company and her sexual attentions. If you want, I’ll send her back to the factory and we’ll be rid of her.”
Patty is suddenly stunned. “you mean she is not my replacement? The freewomen in the market said the engen girl was my replacement and I would have go to work at hard labor!” Patty was crying now.
Master smiled down at Patty and she saw the love in his eyes for the first time. “No Patty, no one will ever replace you, you are my favorite and you will always be my favorite. Come her my little angel.”
Patty walks to him slowly, he takes her in his arms. “Patty if I wanted I could have a dozen regular slave girls, but I you are the only one I keep. You know I do like a group of girls from time to time so I thought you might like a girl you knew and was comfortable with for our excursions into that area instead of strangers like we usually do.”
“Patty looks up at her master, “Cindy is wonderful, she can do anything I want while you are away, I am not lonely anymore, I should never have listened to the harpies in the market place, I am sorry master, please let me make it up to you.”
Master looks at her, he kisses Patty hard, several times, it makes her knees weak to be kissed by her master.
Patty looks at her master and asks, “Master do I look old now, it has been ten years since you bought me, do I look old to you?”
“No patty, I think you look just like you did when I bought you, just as pretty just as sweet, in fact I am sure of it! Kneel for me Patty if you wish.”
Patty kneels down and takes her masters cock in her mouth, all is right with her world for now and Cindy is still in the other room with her head on the floor…
Patty stopped sucking masters cock, master looked down surprised. “What is it Patty, why do you stop?”
Master, replied Patty, “I think it’s time to show Cindy how to suck more than clitoris, may I call her in?”
Master chuckled, “Yes Patty my angel, I think that would be a great idea.”
Patty stands up and pads silently back to get Cindy.
As she comes into the grand hall Patty calls Cindy’s name, Cindy hasn’t stayed where she was, Patty calls to her again, “Cindy!” Across the room patty hears a small shuffling noise. Cindy is hiding behind one of the large couches. Patty walks over and looks down at the small white-haired girl in hiding.
“Cindy, do you want to be punished?”
“No Mistress,” a small voice answers.
Look up at me Cindy, Cindy raises her head and again Patty is swept away by her exotic beauty, the long white lashes and pink eyes.
“Cindy come with me.” Patty says gently, she takes Cindy’s hand and leads her to her master.

Cindy sees Masters erect cock, huge and tight skinned, she looks panicky but Patty whispers in her ear. “Cindy you love to suck, this is what you need to suck now, kneel for our master.”
Cindy kneels and Patty kneels beside her, “Just close your eyes and suck Cindy, it is easy, and Master will not hurt you, I promise you that”
Cindy opens her mouth and leans in to take masters cock in her mouth, Patty gently presses on the back of her head as she begins to suck. The masters cock slides all the way in, easily, Cindy shows no signs of gagging as she begins to use her throat muscles to milk masters cock. Patty looks on in awe, she remembers how many years it took her to learn to do that and she still sometimes chokes and must stop a while but Cindy just does it as natural and easy as she sucks Patty’s clitoris. It looks like this will be an interesting night.

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Slave girl Patty… No minors, NSFW!

Patty’s Story, part one…

Patty was pacing the room, tonight had been a very special night. Her Master had brought her a present, a wondrous present. Patty didn’t understand why Master had decided she needed such a gift. But the gift opened a most wonderful set of possibilities. Master had owned Patty since she was 18. Over the years she had become totally devoted to being Masters sex slave, Master was good, he was generous, Patty had not imagined such a grand life when she had been sold into general servitude. Most people were sold into bondage as workers, workers were in high demand, Patty had an education, she would have brought big money as a worker. Patty knew that most factory workers seldom lived to see ten years of servitude, exposure to the chemicals and dangers of the work environment usually resulted in severe injury or even death to most worker slaves after just ten years.

Patty had been thrilled to find her young life would not be wasted on the factory floor when her former masters had been convicted as enemies of the state and their possessions confiscated and sold at auction. She missed her family, estate life had been good and the horror of being sold off after the collapse when her former master and mistress had gone to the gallows had almost been enough to kill her inside as well. But her new master was good and kind in his own way. He never beat her if she obeyed, he never hurt her for fun other than the little pains that had sex feel better. As she paced she went over the events of the day….

Suddenly the door to her chamber was flung open and her Master walked in, Patty was thrilled and ran to him and dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the floor waiting for his command. Master looked down at Patty, her long flaming red hair made a halo around her head on the floor. Her pale white skin covered with freckles shown in the gaps her flimsy thin robe didn’t cover.

Master said, “Patty, look up at me, I have a very special present for you.”

Patty raised her head to look at her master, her eyes shone with devotion to Master, all good things flowed from Master. When she saw what he was carrying her eyes got wide. He had what appeared to be a person wrapped in a blanket, it was a small person, it’s feet hung out from one end and long white hair hung out the other end.

“Rise Patty see what I have brought for you”

Patty got to her feet, Master was tall, six feet and six inches, and Patty was short, five feet at most, flaming red hair to her waist, very busty and slightly chubby. Master liked her that way and she took great pains to maintain her appearance exactly the way Master wanted. Patty noticed her Master taking in the sight of her, it made her nipples tighten up under her thin silk gown great pains to maintain her appearance exactly the way Master wanted. Patty noticed her Master taking in the sight of her, it made her nipples tighten up under her thin silk gown.

“Come with me Patty to your bed chamber” Patty obediently followed her Master.

Master laid his bundle on the bed and unwrapped the most amazing thing Patty had ever seen, a girl, much shorter than even Patty, long completely white hair, very pale pink skin, a small streak of equally white hair grew from her kitty. Even her eyebrows and eyelashes were white as snow. Patty looked in amazement at this small creature Master had laid on her bed.

“Patty, she is yours, you will be her mistress. No longer will you be lonely when I am away. This one will keep you company, warm your bed in the long lonely nights. You can train her to do anything you wish, she was the prized slave of a woman who couldn’t stop gambling, I took this sweet girl as payment for her former mistresses gambling debt. Treat her well and she will loyal to you.

Patty stared in astonishment at this gift, Master had been generous in the past, a diamond collar and a gold link chain leash for when Master took her out in public. Jewelry to wear in public, emeralds big as patty’s nipples even dresses of silk and other fine fabric, Master liked to show her off. Even this place she lived, as grand in a way that even the masters of her world seldom experienced, but to have her own slave!

She turned to her Master, “I do not know what to say Master, she is beautiful, but she is so young, shouldn’t she be with her family at this age?”

Master looked at patty hard, “Patty do you question your Masters gift? Have I been too good to you?”

A horrified look passed over Patty’s freckled face, “oh no Master, never, please forgive me.” Patty dropped to her position, forehead pressed to the floor.

Patty couldn’t see it, but her master smiled, his feelings for patty went beyond slave and master but he could never let her know that. “Patty, she is 18, the same age as you when I bought you at auction, she is just small in stature, skinny and undernourished. I expect you to change that!”

Patty kept he forehead on the floor, but she answered, “Yes my Master, it will be as you say.”

Master smiled again, “Patty rise up, I have need of your talents.”

Patty rose to her knees to see Master’s cock, hard and tight, looking her in the face. Patty smiled, her Master wasn’t upset, he still desired her. Patty took his cock in her mouth and began to suck and lick his cock. Master took a handful of that wonderful red hair and pulled Patty to him, Master’s cock slid all the way down Patty’s throat, and he began to enjoy Patty’s skills. The girl on the bed opened her eyes and a look of horror crossed her face and she hid in the blanket.

Master picked Patty up and lay her on the bed, this would be a special night, all of Patty’s charms would be explored, Patty would orgasm many times and she would get her fill of Master’s vital fluid, Patty loved to drink from him and he loved to give his cum to Patty.

Hours later, after Patty had satisfied her beloved Master, many, many times, as Master left, his final word was, take care of her Patty, she is special in a way I cannot say right now but she is yours to train, train her well. Patty watched him leave with longing in her eyes, she always missed her Master terribly when he was gone. Patty went to examine her new charge. Patty looked at the bundle on the bed, the girl had wrapped herself up in the blanket as though she was hiding. Patty slowly pealed the blanket from her new companion. The blanket was harsh, made of wool, itchy, Patty made a mental note to throw it away at her first opportunity. The girl was huddled into a ball, her long white hair tangled and dirty. Her skin had bruises and cuts, her face was stained with tears, slowly she opened her eyes, Patty was astonished, she had pink eyes, Patty had never seen such a thing.

“Girl” Patty said, “what is your name?”

The girl looked at Patty, “are you my new mistress?”

Patty smiled at her, “yes I am your new mistress, but I am Masters slave too, why did you hide while I pleasured him, you should pay attention, you will be required to pleasure him too eventually.”

The girls eyes went wild, “oh no, he is a man, they torture girls, use them to satisfy their horrible appetites for inflicting pain!” The girl dove back into her dirty wool blanket.

Patty was horrified to hear such talk. She reached out and took the blanket from the girl and threw it on the floor. “What is your name girl!’ Patty used her most dominant voice.

The naked girl looked up and said, “Cindy” in a tiny meek voice.

Patty looked at her kindly and took her tiny hand. “Come with me Cindy, you belong to me now and you need to be clean.”

Patty led her to the washroom and began to fill the huge tub with hot steamy water.

“We need to clean you up, around here being clean is very important,” she indicated to Cindy she should get in the water.

Cindy’s eyes were big as saucers, “Mistress, you want me to get in that water?”

“Yes Cindy, you must be clean, I will not let you sleep in my bed if you are dirty.”

Cindy slowly slipped into the water, the look on her face was one of awe, “I have never had a hot bath before Mistress, you are very indulgent.”

Patty chuckled, “no Cindy a hot bath will be required often here, we believe in being clean, her let me show you how to scrub up.” Patty began the task of washing Cindy, it was obvious Cindy hadn’t been able to wash in some time. Her skin was covered in small bruises and cuts.

“Cindy, how did you get these cuts and bruises my little one?”

“My Mistress liked to use pain to have fun with me, she loaned me to her friends and they liked to inflict pain as well, it wasn’t too bad, not as bad as what men do to girls.”

Patty looked horrified, “Cindy, I am your mistress now, you will not refer to that monster as your mistress any longer, do you understand?” I am your new Mistress, you will call me Mistress and no one else, understood?” Patty might have been a slave, but she understood the need for discipline, Cindy’s referring to her former mistress as her Mistress had to stop now. “You will call her your former owner, not Mistress.”

Cindy looked terrified, “yes Mistress” Cindy said in a tiny voice, “please do not punish me for my transgression….”

Patty looked at Cindy with compassion in her eyes, “no one is going to punish you for such a small thing Cindy, just remember you belong to me and my Master now!”

A look of terror passed over Cindy’s face again. “Do I have to belong to him? My mis… former owner told me men were horrible and would hurt me and do terrible things to me!” Cindy began to cry.

“Cindy, your former owner hurt you, didn’t she?

“Uh huh”

“Trust me Cindy she was not a good owner, our Master will never hurt you as long as you do what you are told, and neither will I!”

Cindy immediately leapt into Patty’s arms, hugging her close. Patty stroked her head and whispered sweet things to Cindy. Cindy couldn’t see the tears well up in Patty’s eyes, Patty seldom gave much thought to the way most sex slaves were treated, her wonderful life was a rare exception, most sex slaves were abused terribly.

Now clean, washed and brushed, Patty medicated all the small cuts on Cindy’s body, there were 19 cuts that were bad enough to need a small bandage the rest were just rubbed with medicated ointment. Patty picked Cindy up out of the tub and dried her off, Patty was just barely five feet tall, but Cindy was at least six inches shorter, she had not been raised correctly for sure. Patty put on of her own robes on Cindy, it swallowed her, but it did the job, they walked to the kitchen.

“Cindy are you hungry?”

Cindy’s eyes told the tale, Patty sat her down and got out some leftovers from supper from the fridge and heated them in the micro-oven, roast chicken and green beans. Cindy devoured them using her fingers like it was her only meal in days, sadly Patty thought, that just might be true.

After she cleaned Cindy up, Patty was tired, her liaison with Master was tiring enough but cleaning up her new charge really tired her out, it was time for bed.

“Cindy come with me, it’s bed time and I am tired. Cindy followed Patty to her bedchamber, Cindy immediately lay down on the floor on the deep rug beside Patty’s bed.

Patty looked down at Cindy, what sort of monster owned you Cindy, she thought.

“Get up Cindy you will not sleep on the floor!”

Cindy jumped up, a scared look on her face, “the rug was so soft, and you are so kind I thought I might get to sleep near you” Cindy’s body was shaking with fear.

“No Cindy my little dove, the floor beside my bed is not for you,” Cindy was looking around to see where she might sleep. “You will sleep with me Cindy, in my bed under the covers where it is warm and soft.” A look of awe crossed Cindy’s face, “with you? There?”

“Yes Cindy, take off the robe, the covers on my bed will keep us warm.”

Patty drew back the covers as Cindy dropped her robe and Cindy slipped between the covers with a look of disbelief on her face, Patty did the same and covered them both up.

Cindy immediately snuggled up to Patty and began to caress her. “Oh mistress, if I only have this one night it is better than all my other nights put together! I have never eaten such wonderful food, taken a hot bath or been allowed to sleep in a real bed, thank you mistress!” Patty thought of stopping Cindy, she even tried to hold her at bay at first, but Cindy was determined, and Patty soon gave in to Cindy’s kisses and caresses. Slowly Cindy slipped down sucking Patty’s long hard nipples before sliding on down to lick and suck Patty’s kitty. Suddenly Patty understood why Master liked her submission so much, it was wonderful to own someone! Patty pulled Cindy’s face tight against her kitty and enjoyed being a Mistress for the first time!

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The Party

The Party

The Party was fairly regular at first, my own software projected my green Hulk image reasonably well into the artificial universe created by the newbie who was giving this little hoe down. I must be one of the few people left on the meta site that knows what hoe down even means…
What that actually means is that my body is barely alive and is currently being maintained in my own household facility. Yeah, life’s a bitch, but I can still wander cyber space with some reasonable impunity. A rather large coin investment in hardware to run my self-written software had so far resulted in a reasonable amount of autonomy in most places and a huge presence in places where I was actively invited like this little newbie get together.
My newbie friend was not paying close attention to my and a few others advice on who to invite and how to invite them. My software was picking up several known trolls in the room, my software changed their depiction into slack jawed idiot parodies of what they were trying to show and no doubt a few of them did the same to my avatar in their own view but I doubted any of those guys could make anyone one else see me that way while I was pretty sure my own software had a reasonably easy time of making everyone else see them as jokes… petty but satisfying nonetheless…
My avatar went around the room digitally shaking hands and making kissy faces at friends and frenemies around the room. Nice looking place really, looks a lot like some super hearo’s lair, tacky but I hey I was the Hulk! Pretty much tacky personified…
The newbies were of course trying to gain access into social networks by giving this little soiree so they had pretty much pulled out all the protection software to allow all of the guests to project their own software unimpeded… a mistake no doubt but working out so far.
There seemed to be more than a few guests who were incognito, many of their real identities were immediately pegged by my own software, mostly because they were friends. More than a few were a mystery even to my own rather rude probing’s… rather interesting!
Incognito avatars usually looked like dark humanoid renderings with no details, just a smoky darkness shaped like a human. Of course there were hundreds of people here, amazing collection of old school and newbie avatars, one was familiar, a rogue really, very powerful software, usually benign but seldom really getting caught up into doing anything but observing.
He appeared to everyone as a floating ball of spines, my own software could only see him that way even though I had programed the machine to enforce some rules of reality to make things easier to understand his software pretty much allowed his avatar to do whatever it wanted floating around defying even reasonable basic rules like gravity.
Always makes me uneasy to see someone flaunting the rules, never know what else they might be able to do but he, actually a she, was a friend from real life and I didn’t really consider her a threat. The trolls were beginning to get aggressive, trying to strike out at various guests but so far everyone had immediately ignored them and they slowly began to fade away as fewer and fewer people acknowledged their existence.
The lack of room constraints had worried me from the beginning and sure enough a predator showed up! My own software recognized him and my own armor went to maximum immediately. Of course that meant Hulk got bigger and greener as far as the room could see but the asshole picked up on an avatar that wasn’t backed up by particularly strong protection and went into feeding mode ignoring the chaos his actions created in the room proper.
Almost immediately two trolls unboxed predator software and started trying to feed on other avatars and the room was thrown into pandemonium. Avatars began to wink out as those who had weak software and or hardware decided to run but this little get together was to get the attention of my own social group for possible admittance so this time at least they began to unbox their battle personas. The first predator, who did have an impressive octopus avatar, was immediately attacked by Captain America but the Captain was over whelmed and had to reboot almost immediately.
Thor stepped up and put the god smack on his ass, he was reeled by that and his image faded as he almost had to reboot but he firmed back and up and I immediately began to Hulk smash his ass. I think it was the first time I had encountered this particular predator and I immediately tasted bot. Then I was pissed, I hate bots only slightly less than the people who release them, outta be a law!
We grappled for an amazingly large time span, 30 milliseconds or so before the predator simply vanished from the room. Typical cowardly software, written to survive no matter what and running from a Hulk smash was about the only way.
As all the other members of the Super Group firmed back up and gave a serious probe of the room, almost all of the trolls and incognito avatars were gone, good move if your software wasn’t up to the task and or you felt like you didn’t have a dog in this hunt. No need to get caught up in other people troubles.
From there on out the party went pretty good, once the wannabes and flat out predators had been shaken out the software enhancements had come out. As usual a party had attracted the purveyors of unusual and profound experiences that when applied to your software could be uploaded into your own wet ware for some sweet dreams.
Some of the dealers had cyber examples of their programs to display in the room, the more serious sellers were usually a little more secretive and generally only a handful were judged by me to have solid delusions to sell.
I stayed for a while, a few avatars I hadn’t seen in quite some time and I needed to find out what was what about them. After a time it was decided to disband the party, a few more cyber hugs and kisses and some really wild cybersex, was passed around, no viruses had survived the little battle for room control so some people had gotten bit wild but most of us have the software to prevent than for ourselves and everyone else anyway so no worries along that front tonight.
So I picked up a few wetware delusions to run later, told everyone good bye and disconnected, not a bad party, not a bad way to spend 1.5 seconds…

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Winston and the pickup truck

Winston and the pickup truck

Winston was a dog, not just any dog, Winston was a mighty dog and he knew it! Winston was very territorial, his yard was his! Rather small for a basset hound he had two accomplices of equally small stature in the form of his two brothers Max and Brutus. Max and Brutus were followers, they would rather sleep in the sun than almost anything else, but they obeyed their pack leader Winston.
One January day a rare snow fall began, none of the brothers had seen snow and they were fascinated by the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. Their big noses plowed trenches in the the fallen snow and were quickly covered up only to be plowed again as the dogs ran around the yard.
Winston like many mighty heroes had his nemesis, actually he had several objects he tilted at from time to time but today it was the neighbors pickup truck. As the snow began to fall harder visibility began to wain and cars slowed down to a crawl on the slippery road surface. I noticed Winston was watching the cars drive slowly past. He had never chased a car, but he appeared to be having thoughts of some importance concerning those monsters slowly driving by. He watched intently for several minutes until my neighbor came along in his pickup truck.
Winston had a history with that pickup truck, Winston liked to piss on it’s tires, but it always been standing still or going too fast to catch before now. Winston gave his war hoop and his two brothers waddled over to be his back up. Winston was going to kill the truck! It was plain to see for anyone who spoke dog that the neighbors pickup truck was going to be challenged.
Winston led his pack mates out into the street and confronted the pickup truck. Snarling, growling, and barking so viciously loud that my neighbor stopped his truck just in front of the three dogs arranged in their triangle attack position, Winston in the front and Max and Brutus standing on each side but slightly behind Winston.
Those three doofy hounds began raise a ruckus that was downright freighting. Snarling and barking like crazy dogs my neighbor john stopped his truck, rolled down the window, and asked me what he should do. I told him to honk his horn,The noise would surely scare the dogs back into my yard.
But I had forgotten the hatred Winston had for that truck, when ever we would next door to cook out or just enjoy a beer in the sun Winston would always piss on each of the trucks tires and though subtle dog communication instruct his brothers to follow Winston’s lead in an effort to piss as many times as possible on all the tires of my neighbor’s truck.
But today the truck was driving very slowly down the street and Winston saw his chance to do battle with the plastic and steel monster.
Starting to bark, growl, and snarl so loud it was hard to believe they were the lazy couch hounds I loved and allowed to live in my house!
My neighbor looked at me standing in the yard and gave me this “what do I do look”?
I told him to scare them with the horn again, so he blared the horn loudly once more, but it didn’t have the effect I expected. Winston suddenly charged forward and attacked the trucks bumper
Making a real effort to bite a piece of the plastic off the truck.
Finally, I had to go out and pick up ball of snarling fury and take him back to his yard. His pack stopped immediately and meekly followed into the back yard and then into the house where Winston planted himself in from of the treat jar and barked for a treat.
Evidently, he was quite proud of himself for stopping this big metal monster and thought he and his compatriots deserved a treat. I gave them a cookie and they went to their beds for much needed nap from so much activity…

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First Contact?

New story… First contact…

Sarah watched the video screen as the rover Odin crawled across the surface of the planet Asgard. It was easy to think the video was in real time, but the reality was that the newly discovered planet Asgard was a little less than a light day from Earth. When Asgard was first found, it was thought it might be a rogue planet but subsequent measurements showed it was in a very long slow orbit of the Sun.

20,000 miles in diameter and made mostly of various ices with a metallic core and rocky outer layer over that metal core. The core was thought to be a bit bigger than Earth but the icy mantle was 6,000 miles deep and consisted of exotic high pressure ices and supercritical fluids. Cryovolcanoes were common on the surface, vast seas of liquid methane and ethane covered two thirds of its surface. Asgard was almost a much larger analog of Saturn’s moon Titan.

Asgard was so interesting that within a decade of its’ discovery an orbiter had been sent and three rovers landed on the surface. The orbiter was called Valkyrie, the three rovers were named Odin, Thor and Loki but like his mischievous name sake Loki had proved to be troublesome. Loki had stopped transmitting within a few weeks after a flood of methane rain had buried the hapless probe but Odin and Thor were operating with near perfection.

The surface of Asgard was, both unique and familiar. The atmosphere was a ten-bar mixture of helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, neon and other noble gasses. CO2, CO, and some hydrocarbons made up intermittent snowfall in the areas around the extensive cryovolcano activity. Methane rain squalls swept the surface regularly and the winds often broke off the crystalline growths that covered much of the surface.

Sarah had been mesmerized from the very beginning by the vast vistas the rovers had revealed. The forests of strange crystals, what appeared to be slow moving analogs of animal life, and yes there appeared to be life on the surface. Some scientists still had doubts preferring to wait before coming out on the side of living things, instead they asserted it was possible the growths and odd looking spiny balls and other shapes were just odd crystals and accretions native to the surface being rolled around by wind.

Sarah came down strongly on the side of life being responsible for the odd objects and growth on Asgard. But she had to admit the basis of such life was at this point was speculative at best! Five weeks ago, just as Oden approached what seemed to be a forest of crystalline forms, all transmissions from Valkyrie had stopped, 12 days of panic had ensued before the signal had been reacquired.

Three centuries of scientific advance, retreat, and finally advance since man first landed on the moon. “I am so lucky to live in this time,” Thought Sarah, “superstition has been vanquished, various faiths no longer fought between themselves to the detriment of society, a real utopia was finally on the horizon.”

While the power of religion had been quelled most of Earths people still held a belief in a higher power and various Temples, Mosques, Cathedrals, Churches and other holy sites were still held in high regard and services were still held there in the old traditions but the influences, not to mention the power of life and death had subsided.

Sarah smiled, “What a wonderful time to be alive…”

Now yet another problem had cropped up, the signal was old video, for some reason the Valkyrie orbiter had been sending old data instead of new. Sarah had noticed when the data stream had resumed the video seemed to be showing a surface that was familiar. Almost two weeks of study, trying to get the orbiter to reboot and even switching to sending the signals to the Pluto orbiter for re-transmission had failed to determine what the problem was. Two days ago, the explanation suddenly became glaringly obvious.

A new signal had been detected from the vicinity of Asgard, a signal that was riding the data transmission from Valkyrie, a signal that couldn’t be explained, a signal that had been decoded just three hours ago.

Sarah had the video playing over and over, back and forth across the portion where the signal became self-explanatory. The point that showed an alien sitting facing the camera, their camera, not Odin’s camera or Thor’s camera, but what was evidently a camera originating from an alien ship of some sort.

Sarah, called her grad student from the console where he was also going over the data.
“Jim”, asked Sarah, “do we have any reply from the radio telescope on the far side of the moon?”
“Not yet, the Lunar communication satellite has five more minutes before it comes into line of sight.”

The wait for the data from the radar dish was excruciating, the last data dump had given them just more of the alien figure with STANDBY scrolling across the bottom of the screen as though it was one of those “close captioned” channels on television.

Jim asked, “Have you decided when we are going to announce this transmission outside the agency or the government?”

Sarah sighed, “I’ve talked it over with the director, we wait until we can give more information other than an alien telling us to standby.”
“At this point we can’t even prove it’s not just some crank that has hacked into the main frame.”

“Sarah, can you really believe this is a hoax?”

“No not really, but we must be sure, neither of us needs to have fool listed on our job resume as extra talents.”

Jim’s console began to beep, the radar data was coming through.
“Sarah! Come look at this!” Sarah crossed the room and her breath was suddenly expelled in a loud gasp.

The radar data showed seven large blobs arranged with one blob in the middle surrounded by six similar blobs.

“What is this?” asked Sarah

Jim Replied, “It’s a radar image of the vicinity of Asgard, the operators are saying it’s huge blobs of ionized gas, each about 35,000 miles across. The spectra indicate the plasma is mostly Neon, confined by a magnetic field.”

Sarah looked in disbelief at the rest of the data, a communications screen lit up and the face of one of the people who manned the Lunar radar station spoke.

“Sarah?” he spoke, “both of you need to sit down, we have calculated the trajectory of the plasma clouds. It appears they are decelerating, now they are traveling at approximately .05 c, their current speed and deceleration should put them into the inner solar system in about a year. We are not sure yet but there appears to be a solid object at the center of each plasma blob.”

Stunned Jim and Sarah looked at each other, both knew what this meant, not a hoax, alien space craft were coming to call!

“Has anyone else been appraised of this data?” asked Sarah

“Yes” the face on the screen answered. “the US military has been sent the preliminary data, I’m not sure but I doubt they have made heads or tails of the data. It’s not as provocative to anyone who doesn’t have the complete picture.”

At this point yet another computer screen asked for attention by beeping. It was the feed from Asgard or evidently now the feed from an alien space craft.
Sarah transferred the feed to a large screen and Jim and Sarah sat down to listen. The message was fascinating and disturbing as well.

The alien was or at least appeared to be humanoid, the head was a round human like face, two eyes, a nose, a mouth but from there things began to diverge from a human face. The alien had four arms that could be seen in the picture. Two upper arms, they were large muscled and rested at the alien’s side while two more gracile arms and hands were visible. The two smaller arms seemed to be busy doing something but their movements didn’t resemble typing or any familiar actions. Two actual moth like antenna sprouted from the top of the head, two large pointed ears that terminated above the top of the alien’s head were visible as well. The mouth began to move and utter odd clicking and grunting sounds but English words scrolled across the bottom of the screen.

“We are the reason your probe failed, the magnetic sails we use for deceleration interfered with their workings. They will begin to work again as soon as our mag sails get far enough away. We will decelerate and take up orbit between Earth and Mars within an Earth year.”

At the mention of Earth and Mars Sarah’s eye brow lifted, “how do they know the names of our planets if they are just discovering us?”

“You are welcome to continue to probe us as we decelerate into your planetary system but I will give you any information about us you need. We will give you the data in measures you use so you can get an idea of us without extensive translation.”

“First, we come in seven colony ships, one million of us on each colony. The colonies are a rotating torus 500 miles across and 100 miles thick, we use fusion power to light the inside surface of the colonies, our air is similar to yours and we use gravity of twice Earth normal. We accelerate out of gravity wells using magnetic sails and decelerate into the gravity wells of stars with the same technology.”

“We use spatial folding to travel between stars at a pseudo velocity that allows us to travel any distance in what you would call ten years. Sometimes this is faster than light sometimes it is not but it is the only way we know of to travel interstellar distances in a reasonable time frame.”

“We intend to share our technology with you so you can build colonies and travel between stars like we do. We do not conquest we contact and communicate, sharing our knowledge and philosophies with you so your people can live better longer lives by following our example.”

“Sarah immediately thought of the old tale of something too good to be true.”

“We will share with you the secretes of the universe and the certain knowledge of THE creator.”

This time Both Sarah and Jim looked surprised, “THE creator?” they said in unison.

“We will help you wipe out the false religions that have been holding you back throughout the early years since you were created.”

Again, both astronomers gave each other an odd look. Sarah said, “Something is off here, or are they just failing to translate concepts properly?”

“The alien’s words continued to scroll across the screen. Here is an illustration of us, a picture popped up to show what was evidently the alien.”

An odd-looking creature, six legs, the rear legs were thick, shorter than the front which caused the body to slope up to the front legs which were longer and numbered two on each side. The front legs were in a cluster but the alien’s torso was at once human like and totally different. They had four arms with the top two being large and the lower two arms being small.

They had three toed hooves on each leg and seven fingers on each hand. Two of those fingers were thumbs, the glaring differences coupled with such similarities made Sarah and Jim uncomfortable in a way that was difficult to explain. The alien had ten limbs, 28 fingers, 18 toes, and funny looking antenna. This seemed like a joke but the humor was strained…

“I am sure you want ask how we know your language and details about your system. We had a robot probe in your system around one million of your years ago. We and our fellows occupy the Milky Way galaxy unchallenged, you will be allowed to take your place in our society as soon as you are willing to give the creator of the universe his due.”

“We suggest that you remove all historical artifacts from the places of worship you now use, we will be destroying them and replacing them with proper sacred sites for you to use. Your people will share in the wonder of a peaceful society and launch your own colony vessels to convert others in this region of your galaxy.”

Again, Sarah and Jim noticed the odd use of “your galaxy” Jim said out loud, “are they not from our galaxy?”

“We know that you will want to announce your liberation from the false gods your people have been enslaved by all your existence. This is the beginning of a glorious time, your people will gain the fruits of true freedom, we will show you how to live, how to treat your fellows, and how to show your creator your love. Feel free to send any questions you need answered, the time delay is several hours but we continue our trajectory to you as we approach your moment of destiny!”

Jim and Sarah sat down rather heavily in their chairs. “Do you know what this means Jim?”

Jim hesitated, finally he let out an exasperated sigh, “God damn Missionaries! First contact and they are missionaries! Technologically advanced missionaries some to convert the primitive tribesmen…”

Sarah sat and shook her head, “escaping the confines of religion took us two centuries, several serious conflicts and even a limited nuclear war before we could break the chains of superstition. All that struggle to break free of the suppression of the human spirit and now it will be forced back on us by aliens…”

An insane giggle escaped her mouth as tears ran down her face, “Missionaries from the stars, well maybe it will be a benign theocracy, if such a thing is possible”

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Ride Like the Wind

Ride like the wind! This song reminds me of taking a long trip on a big V4 motorcycle, V-Max, it stands up on it’s center stand chrome sparkling in the street lights, it has a physical presence almost deadly, it radiates power, four chromed exhausts a huge 1800cc V4 just waiting for you to climb up and wrap your legs around it.The music plays in the back of your mind as you climb aboard, the machine feels like a part of you, not something you ride but something you become, you turn the ignition key and press the starter button, and the instant of throaty roar like a dragon newly awoken speaks but then it settles down to a mild pitty pat as each cylinder counts off, the leather set feels soft as butter under you as you rock forward to take the beast off it’s center stand, the tires finally grip the pavement, you can almost feel it’s desire to go, to grab the road and put the pavement behind it. A quick blip of the throttle and the dragon roars again, anxious to be let loose on the world. You engage first gear and slowly motor down to the highway, making sure the way is clear but a car is coming, some poor soul locked in a cage, never to know the thrill of what you are getting ready to let loose. Instead of waiting for him to pass you pull out and whack the throttle full on, smoke begins to pour off the rear tire as the front tire lifts off the pavement and slowly settles down as you hit 2nd gear and 60 MPH, the poor guy in the cage left behind in a cloud of smoke. Cowboys of old had nothing on you!!!

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