Pamela’s dream

New story…
Pamela was swept away by the powerful alien.
Pamela had been driving for hours, the mountain roads were twisting and deserted this time of night or early morning. The sky was dark, no moon tonight but occasionally, she would get a glimpse of the stars through the windshield. This area of the North Carolina Mountains was almost completely deserted, not even any side roads marked by lonely mailboxes. The radio was Pamela’s only companion as she drove along, she sang along trying to stay alert
Just pulled into Nazareth, I was feeling about half past dead;
I just need some place where I can lay my head.
“Hey, mister, can you tell me where a “woman” might find a bed?”
He just grinned and shook my hand, and “No!”, was all he said.
As she sang Pamela noticed the road and trees around her were lit up as though the Moon had risen. At first she was glad to see the light, the area she was driving through had been so dark it was scary but as the light got brighter Pamela realized the Moon was New this night and the light couldn’t be the Moon or anything else natural. Pamela’s pulse began to race as the light suddenly became so bright it was blinding and her pickup truck cut off and coasted to a halt in the middle of the road.
“What the fuck is going on” she said out load, “this shit is not funny!”
Pamela tried to restart her truck, but the engine wouldn’t even turn over, the radio had stopped as well, and her headlights went out. Almost in a panic Pamela opened her truck’s door and looked out to see a huge extremely bright object floating above her over the road.
She couldn’t really see the form of the object just a very bright light. As she tried to shield her eyes from the light, she felt the hair on her head begin to stand up as the object got closer and closer. Pamela was not a shrinking violet type woman but enough was enough,
“FUCK THIS” she shouted
Pamela jumped out of the truck and began to run. She saw a small side road that went out into the thick woods beside the road and she took it. As she ran, she began to think about what was happening, her lungs were beginning to burn as she came to a halt,
“Dammit!”, she thought, “has to be some asshole in a helicopter playing games!” She bent over to try and help catch her breath, “Probably some jackasses from the military testing some new bullshit to make motors stop and they decided to play with a lone car on this deserted road! I’m going to give those assholes a big piece of my mind! Scared the living hell out of me!”
Pamela began to walk back the way she came, she was much pissed, she went over in her mind what she was going to say to the bastards! As she approached the edge of the woods, she could see her truck sitting in the dark, a dark figure was walking around it. As she got near the edge of the road Pamela shouted, “Hey asshole get away from my truck!”
Just then Pamela looked up to see a dark round disc shaped object floating in the air above her truck. Her mouth dropped open as she realized the dark shape near her truck was not even close to being human! For a second, she was frozen, her heart paused, her brain paused, her knees got weak! The disc suddenly lit back up super bright! Pamela turned and ran again, faster this time, as she ran her mind tried to put what she had seen in some kind of perspective.
“What the fuck was that by my truck? Damn, damn, damn, what the fuck was that thing in the air!
She ran faster, past where she had stopped earlier, she was running on adrenaline now. No thought of stopping, her heartbeat was so loud she thought she could hear it! As she ran, she could hear someone screaming, she wondered who was screaming, some other person who had stumbled on this crazy nightmare scene? Suddenly Pamela realized she was the one screaming just as her feet left the ground as she was picked up bodily by something huge and powerful, she looked down to see hooves beating the ground under her, she looked up to see a face, a human face, a big human face, bigger than any she had ever seen but a human face none the less.
Pamela tried to struggle, but he creature that had her handled her easily.
She screamed “Let me go you , you, whatever the fuck you are!”
The creature just looked down and smiled, huge hands held her tight as the creature thundered along, Pamela noticed the creature had breasts, four bare breasts, really big bare breasts! Then she looked ahead to see a cliff approaching or more correctly the creature was running hell for leather toward a cliff! As it leaped out into the air Pamela finally could stand no more and as they fell into a deep river she passed out from the stress.
Pamela woke up to find herself being carried along a river bank, the creature still had her, she was wet, soaked to the skin and it was cold! She could feel the creature’s warm skin under her, it felt good or at least warm. Pamela looked up and tried her best to get free from the huge arms and hands the creature seemed to have too many arms and hands just like it had too many breasts, but as before the creature proved to be far too strong to be affected by Pamela’s efforts. As she struggled, she realized she could hear the thunder of a waterfall, Pamela struggled harder, her efforts were just wearing her out, the combined stress of her efforts and the craziness of what was going on caused her to black out again. The creature paid Pamela’s departure from the world of consciousness no mind as it slowly walked up to the waterfall and through it, the creature dumped her on the ground in front of a campfire in a small cave behind the waterfall.
As Pamela woke up she was first aware of the warmth of the fire, it felt good on her bare skin, she could remember having been very cold before, she rolled over on the bed of soft moss to look at the warming fire, such a crazy dream, a creature had taken her away.
“DAMN, THERE IT IS! ACROSS THE FIRE FROM ME! As she sat up reflexively Pamela looked down to realize she was naked! “WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY CLOTHES YOU MONSTER PERVE!”
The creature smiled its weird human but not human smile again. “Your clothes little human are drying on the rack over there.” It pointed to a rack made of sticks near where it stood.
“You speak English? How can you speak my language?” Pamela slowly stood up and began to walk toward her clothes.
The creature put out it’s huge hand and stopped her. “I do not want you to dress just yet little human, I have captured you and now you are mine. I want to look at you.”
Pamela suddenly became aware that the creature was also naked and that along with the four breasts the four breasts it also had four arms, the upper set so huge and muscled she almost missed the smaller more gracile set under the large arms. And then she kept scanning down, four front legs, large powerful hind legs looking down again she realized there was a huge cock between its front legs, an erect huge cock!
He laughed a deep laugh “HEH HEH HEH, Little human do your people not remember mine? Do you not tell tales around your cave fires about the mighty centaur race?”
Pamela inched back toward her clothes again, an insane alien, just her luck, she decided if she couldn’t get her clothes she would run out of her naked if necessary! He held out his huge hand and stopped her again.
“WE DON’T’ LIVE IN CAVES ANYMORE YOU DUMB FUCK!” She stared at him, “what the hell was he?” “Pamela again took stock of her captor. He looked vaguely like a centaur but with four arms, four front feet and two hind feet it looked more like a parody of a centaur. But it was huge, it’s two upper arms were gigantic but the two lower arms, closely tucker just below the upper arms were smaller. Seven fingers one each hand and each foot had three toes. The situation was so odd she couldn’t help but look at the thing.
His voice is big and deep, “Many , many of your short years ago we found this planet and its inhabitants. My people found your woman fair and used them as sex slaves. My grandfather told me about it, and I decided to come here and start the tradition going again. You are very lucky I chose you for this honor!”
I never read about six legs and four arms or four breasts, in fact I would say you have to be a dream, there are no decapod vertebrates on earth!
It just smiled that all knowing smile with no answer!
“OH FUCK,” thought Pamela, “whatever he is, he really is insane or I’m in a coma having a nightmare to end all nightmares! Yes, that must be it, I’ve had a car wreck, and I’m in a coma having a crazy nightmare, that has to be it! Maybe I should just go with it, what else can it do? I’m probably in the hospital being given some real good drugs and this is my reaction to it! Where the fuck did, I get this shit from?”
“Come to me little human, let me look at you closely! You remove the hair on your female places, I like that”
Pamela slowly walks over to him, she takes in his presence, her thoughts run over what she sees, “his human half is quite human, if you ignore his four arms. And four breasts he has human skin, seven fingers on each hand, his ears are long and look funny, no beard, he looks very feminine in the face, he has large breasts, huge, must be EEE at least but he has a penis, a human penis! Rather large but not impossibly so, maybe 10” long, thick as my wrist, damn, my nipples are getting hard looking at him!”
“He is not a monster really, just very strange.” She runs her hand over his belly, hard like a human male with a six-pack. Then she sees his breasts again! “Tell me Centaur, why do you have breasts if you are male?”
Again, he smiles that strange knowing smile, “My people have three sexes but only two individuals. Both sexes can bear children so we both have breasts” he states this so matter of fact it seems almost reasonable!
“Females of my species have two vaginas and one penis; males have two penis’s and one vagina!”
“You have two penises’? Pamela reaches down to grab his penis, “this one isn’t enough?” Pamela thinks, “this dream is going to be fun; I hope they don’t wake me up too soon and I hope I remember this craziness!”
“Look underneath me little human!”
Pamela looks under his belly to see a huge penis slowly descending from its anterior sheath. “Oh shit, this had better be a damn dream, that looks real as hell! It’s at least 24” long and twice as big as beer can is thick and it’s still flaccid!”
“Don’t worry little human, I won’t expect you to take that one inside you.”
“Wait a damn minute, this is getting out of hand, this is my dream and I’m not taking anything inside of me you half donkey bastard!”
“Ok then, where is your vagina? You said you had one!”
“Look under my tail little human”
Pamela looks at him perplexed, “First let’s get some things straight, I have a name, it’s Pamela!” As she walks to his hind quarters Pamela looks as he raises his tail to see what looks like a human vaginal opening, larger than hers or any other human by far but amazingly human, she can even see a clitoris, lips, everything just like a human. She walks back and catches herself running her hand along his flanks like she would a horse, if he had been a horse he would have weighed in at about 2000 lbs, but he has skin, human skin not hair. Pamela jerks her hand away like it touched something hot as fire!
“Pamela,” he replies, “I to have a name, it would be impossible for you to pronounce, he makes a several noises that sound vaguely musical, but it translates fairly closely to Moon, I would like it if you called me Moon, I am 640 of your years old. Still a teenager by your standards, followed by that enigmatic smile… .”
Pamela stands in front of Moon; all she can think of is that his must be a crazy dream from being in a drug-induced coma. Suddenly he picks her up to his face level and kisses her, his mouth is large, but his kiss is human, she finds herself kissing him back, his breath tastes of apples and a sweet taste Pamela couldn’t identify.
“What the fuck, this can’t be real, why not go with it?” She wraps her legs around him and hugs him close, she can feel his breasts smashing up against her own. His hands are huge and each one has a hand full of her butt cheeks as he holds her up to be kissed over and over. His smaller hands rub and prob in special places, like making love to a group and everyone is just interested in you!
As she returns his kisses by kissing his neck and his long-pointed ears Pamela finds herself thinking, “apples, how could he smell like apples? I love the smell of apples reminds me of when I was kid lying under the apple tree in our yard daydreaming!
Pamela realizes his larger pair of hands are so big they reach all the way around her small waist, his fingertips and thumbs meeting on each side. He is really huge! She sucks in her breath as he picks her up higher, she can see down on the top of his head and down his back.
He has long wavy black hair all the way down to his broad equine back! His long thick tongue rubs across her breasts and he takes her right breast completely into his mouth and sucks it like man might suck one of her nipples. All she can think is “this feels wonderful!”
Pamela wraps her arms around his head and hugs him close as Moon sucks and licks her breasts, “God I hope I don’t wake up anytime soon!”
He picks her up and slowly runs his broad tongue down her flat belly, she can feel it, a broad wet swipe, as it heads for her kitty. Pamela gasps as his tongue runs down between her legs and fills her kitty up, he sucks her whole kitty with his mouth as his tongue probes her over and over.
Orgasm sneaks up on Pamela slowly, builds to a height she has never felt before and continues for an impossibly long time. Finally, she feels herself being slowly put down on the ground her feet feel the soft moss under them.
Pamela looks up at her lover, Moon, his broad smile looks nice now, not strange, she tries to wrap her arms around his huge for quarters to show him how much she enjoyed his attentions. Suddenly she is aware of his fore cock sliding past her chin and beside her neck, good god it’s right at her face level, hard and tight, even bigger than it was before! As she backs away she can see the pre-cum dripping from the end of it. She feels his huge hand on the back of her head.
“Pamela, suck it for me, you will like my cum, it’s intoxicating to humans!”
She looks up and him, she can see his desire written on his broad face, Pamela opens her mouth and feels his hand pull her onto his cock. She grips it with both hands and begins to tug on it as she sucks and swirls her tongue around it. “tastes like freakin’ apples!”
Moon pulls her forward and his cock slowly disappears into her mouth and throat. Pamela can feel his balls pressed against her chin begin to move as he begins to cum, she feels a hot load gush down her throat, she thinks, “it didn’t take long, evidently that spaceship is a lonely place,” in her mind she smiles as she swallows his huge load.
When he lets her back away, when Pamela looks up at Moon she feels like she has just taken about 6 shots of tequila, the whole situation seems to have taken on a glow, almost hallucinogenic. “Damn, he was telling the truth, what a buzz! That’s not fair!”
“Moon” she whispers up to him, “just tell me what you want me to do,”
He smiles down and picks her up again, he holds her in his hands, one butt cheek in each hand and her legs draped over his arms and slowly pushes his still hard and tight cock into her kitty, Pamela sighs with satisfaction as the pint of cum she swallowed deepens her buzz and his huge cock begins to slid in and out of her. Pamela begins to drift as he continues to fuck her.
Her mind begins to play little fantasies about her new alien lover and what he might want from her, “damn he has a vagina too!”. He raises her up to his chest as he slowly strokes her and places on of his huge nipples in her mouth, Pamela sucks it in without question and hears his breath suck in sharply as she bites it gently, his nipple is long and as she sucks she realizes it is gushing milk, Pamela drinks it down greedily, all thoughts of what is happening gone and just going with what is offered her is all she can do.
Moon groans and pulls her body to him tightly, she feels his cock hit bottom, his balls squish against her butt as she feels her kitty fill up with warm cum. “God,” she exclaims in her mind, “no one is ever going to believe this, do I even believe it?” Her orgasm shoots through her body as he fills her up.
Moon again puts Pamela down, she hugs him again, not worrying about the huge slippery cock sliding under her chin as she does so.
Moon looks down at her and says in his huge voice “Pamela, I want you to ride my anterior cock, ride it like it’s a pole you slide up and down, I want to feel your little slick kitty sliding up and down as you grip it and I want to bathe you in my cum!”
Pamela blushes for an instant, “whatever you want my equine lover,” she says with a suddenly husky voice, “this is going places I never even had dreams about!”
As Moon slowly laid down and rolled over she saw his anterior cock rise up, really erect now, it was gargantuan! At least a yard long and 4” thick, his balls were as big as soccer balls and made a huge pile around the base. All she can think is “Damn two sets of balls too!
The huge penis is throbbing up and down as Pamela takes hold with both hands and straddles it, as she sits she can feels his huge balls under her butt! She reaches up to grip the huge cock under the head and begins to slide up and down, pre-cum is running down it in small sticky rivulets and soon her kitty is lubed enough to let her slide up and down vigorously. As she slides the smell of apples and hint of something else sweet is strong in the air. Pamela takes deep breath and smiles at her own thoughts, “Apples , why would an alien smell so damn good, so damn familiar!!!”
With each stroke she squashes his balls with her butt and feels the head under her chin, then as she stands up she feels his cock slide between her legs, her own orgasm begins to build as she does this over and over, pre-cum running out of his cock covers her chest and drips off her chin. As she does this she thinks, “if this had been filmed it would be worth millions, hell I’d pay much just to have a record to show I’m not crazy!”
As she slides up and down the driving need to orgasm begins to overwhelm her, the feel of this giant cock in her doubled hands and between her legs is to unreal and yet so real, as she feels the head hit her under the chin a huge squirt of white cum gushes out, like a water hose. It sprays her under her chin and splatters everywhere, as she rides back up another huge squirt sprays up her chest and splatters her breasts. Pamela pushes the head away and sees the huge rush of cum shoot out through the air, it must be several feet long and looks like a one inch white rope. Her own orgasm is exploding in her body and soul as she slides down one more time but instead of squirting under the chin Pamela turns her head down and opens her mouth. The flow is so huge and hard she chokes as she tries to swallow as much as she can, cum bubbles are coming out of her nose. She slides up and then down again, she puts her mouth over the end one more time but this time she is ready and swallows at least a quart of the sticky white fluid. The intoxicating effect of so much cum over whelms her as she slides off Moon’s cock and sits on his balls to watch another hug squirt of cum fly out through the air. Pamela notices Moon is stroking his fore cock as he watches her try to deal with this outrageous anterior cock. She sees him cum with both cocks at once, she is too woozy to do anything but smile at him as he finishes up.
“Come here Pamela,” she hears his deep voice command, “I have one more task for you,” Pamela walks to stand in front of him and looks at him as he stands up. “My kitty needs to be licked and sucked the way I did yours,” Pamela blushes big time even under her drunkenness.
“How did you know I wanted to taste your female parts Moon,” she says with a silly wicked grin! “I have loved girls before!”
Moon just smiles a knowing smile, “who’s dream is this Pamela?
She giggles as she slowly walks down his side, her hand rubbing his entirely human skin to his rear and his Kitty! “Way too big to be a kitty my Moon! You need to call it a tiger or a lion, maybe a panther, NO, I know, a Cougar!” She laughs at her joke and suddenly she is staring at his “Cougar” She begins by rubbing it with her open hand, then she gives it a kiss, “Damn, it tastes like apples too!”
Pamela kisses his cougar and begins to lick it up and down, she notices the clitoris is erect and hard, licking it causes Moon to shake all over, Pamela smiles and begins to give him the best pussy licking she can possibly 
give him, a thought comes to her mind and she slowly pushes her arm into his vagina as Moon moans…..
“Pamela, Pamela!”
What the fuck!, that’s my Mom! Everything begins to swirl around her, she sees Moon’s face, “Moon don’t leave!”
“I’m not leaving Pamela, you are!” She hears him say. “Don’t forget me Pamela”
No, No, No, she feels her eyes slowly open, a tube is up her nose, the room is bright white, she is lying in a bed. Pamela sees her mom’s face looking down at her with worry written across it.
She hears her sister’s voice from somewhere over her head. “You’re going to be ok, Pam, you in a hospital, you’ve been in a coma for five days! But the doc says you are going to be ok!”
“What happened, where did Moon go!?”
Moon? Pam, you are in the hospital, it’s daytime no moon outside”
Pamela lies back, “what has happened to me, was it all really a dream!”
She hears her Mom say, “Pamela you were in a wreck, you fell asleep at the wheel and drove over the mountainside. It took them three days to find you, you’ve been in a coma all that time. You’re going to be ok sweetie!”
Pamela tries to understand what has happened, damn what a fucked up kinky as hell dream! She lays back and relaxes as she starts to drift off, she hears her sister’s voice whisper in her ear. “Pam, why were you naked in your truck? They said you were naked when they found you!”
“What!” Pam’s voice was in a panic, she looks over at her sister, and in a low voice asks, “what do you mean naked?”
Her sis smiles, “You know, Nude, sans clothing, not a stitch, they said they couldn’t even find your clothes! The doc says you have no injuries, not even a bump on the head, and no reason for you to be out! Your truck wasn’t even damaged, the EMT’s said it looked like it had just been sat down easily at the bottom of the ravine!”
Pamela is suddenly aware of the stickiness between her legs, she reaches down and runs her finger through it and brings it to her lips, a huge smile splits Pamela’s face “Damn tastes like APPLES!”

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