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LaTex Accents

I always forget how to add accents in LaTex within the standard text. So I have placed some of them here, as much for myself as anyone else.

LaTeX command Sample Description
\`{o} ò grave accent
\'{o} ó acute accent
\^{o} ô circumflex
\"{o} ö umlaut or diaeresis
\H{o} ő long Hungarian umlaut
\~{o} õ tilde
\c{c} ç cedilla
\k{a} ą ogonek
\l ł l with stroke
\={o} ō macron accent (a bar over the letter)
\b{o} o bar under the letter
\.{o} ȯ dot over the letter
\d{u} dot under the letter
\r{a} å ring over the letter (for å there is also the special command \aa)
\u{o} ŏ breve over the letter
\v{s} š caron/hacek (“v”) over the letter