What is that?

“What are you doing?”

“Checking out this planet”


“It’s got stuff on it”

“Stuff? What do you mean stuff?”

“Chemicals producing a localized decrease in entropy….”


“Yeah, I was collecting Boron for my project and I felt a localized decrease in entropy. I stopped to check it out”

“That’s odd, what are you going to do with it?”

“Look close, the stuff is covering the planet, it has started to use sunlight to power the entropy decrease.”

“WOW! That’s cool, wait hit it with a rock and see what happens!”

The asteroid hits the planet…..

“Look, it’s growing back! Even more complex!”

“That’s wild, I’ve never seen anything quite like that…”

“Now there are little things scurrying around, they eat each other!”

“Now that is weird, hit it again…. Harder this time”

“Ok, at least those yucky things have stopped crawling around!”

“Lets go check the core, the black hole is fun to throw stars into…”

“Wait the stuff is growing back! It’s different this time, smaller…”

“Wow just watch it divide and grow, really weird, WHAT WAS THAT?”

“A nuclear reaction, how did that happen?”

“The things growing on the planet did it!”

“What are they doing?”

“Looks like they are fighting, burning stuff and each other…”

“What are those things?”

“Looks like they are visiting the moon orbiting the planet”

“Now they are growing on the next planet out, this could be serious, they are spreading, nuclear reactions are being used all over the place.”

“Maybe we should make the star go nova, see what that does?”

“I don’t know, could they be alive?”

“No, I don’t see how, I feel no chinga waves or stunly particles”

“They make things, could they be intelligent?”

“No way, absolutely no communication between them, I feel no minds at all….”

“Lets destroy them all before they spread to the next star…”

“Too late, now they are growing on three nearby planet systems…. Four, no five and starting on that one over there, that makes six stars, this could be serious, I think we should stop them all.”

“They are fun to watch, they do decrease entropy, it feels good to be near that….”

“1000 planets now, they are all around us, we better go before they are starting to worry me.”

“Yeah, lets go to the next galaxy, they can’t go there…. Can they?

“I don’t know, lets think about it for awhile, we’ll check back in a couple billion years and see what they do, lets go to the next brane and see if we can soak up some chinga waves, I’m hungry…”

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