I’m a Theist!!!!

Recently I realized that far from being an Atheist as I had thought, I was a Theist, quite possibly even a Fundamentalist! I came to this realization after listening to a theist describe how they worship and how it helped them in their lives.

The realization first occurred to me when the theist told me how God comforted them, he told me that when he went to bed he visualized god to help him relax and go to sleep. He told me how that visualizing god watching over him made him feel comfortable enough to go to sleep, he went on to tell me how that god and the allegorical messages he thought that god brought gave him hope for the future and made him feel like life had a purpose. Writings that told him how to treat people, how he was special and how god would punish those that did not believe. This god and the writings this god had inspired people to write gave him what he needed to live his life firm in the knowledge that the future was worth living so he could see the wicked punished.

Suddenly I realized I did the same thing! Every night as I lay down I visualize The Starship Enterprise, the visualization of that beautiful Ship and what it represents always makes me feel secure and the message it represents, a message told through the medium of video in this case, but an inspired message none the less, a message that was told by allegory, stories of the future, a future where life had meaning and the stories told of how we should treat each other and how important it is to treat others as you would be treated and how important it was to believe that the future would be a great place to live because the United Federation of Planets was going to protect us all and how the elimination of poverty and greed would make punishment unnecessary, the Starship Enterprise is a symbol of the promise the future will hold if we stay true to the messages contained in these videos.

Yes the Starship Enterprise, the UFP, and the Prime Directive, my Holy Trinity delivering me from the fear of a dystrophic future and the meaningless life that fear of punishment bringsā€¦.

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2 Responses to I’m a Theist!!!!

  1. Mondays Assignment: Die says:

    Good for you. If all of us accepted that those stories are merely inspirational fairytales, we would get along much better.

  2. ydoaPs says:

    Star Trek? Really?

    Pfft….we all know Ender’s Game and Speaker For the Dead are the capital T Truth!

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