Meat eaters!

I have never liked being exposed like this, even statistically it’s not a clever idea to be inside an object exposed to space.
This is my third time being ejected from a sky park, the next one that has agreed to take me is three more months away with the capabilities of my torus. Being smallish cuts down on impacts from micro meteoroids, exposing the thinner minor diameter to the direction we are travelling helps as well, but my point defense system needs at least three men to operate. Being something I cobbled together the first time I had to “travel” without a tug or shield I never hooked it into any AI… well if I had been able to afford an AI I probably would still be there.
Living in the asteroid belt wasn’t exciting unless your particular career choice doesn’t make as much profit as you had hoped… It’s not like genetically engineered ecosystems aren’t popular, it has more to do with my choice of area to start up my “shop”.
They told me to go to Jupiter’s LaGrange points, densely populated and lots of monetarily able people who live to create their own little worlds. Very popular past time among the upper middle class, mostly retired miners living among the debris of their lives.
In the belt? Not so much… Of course, that is where I went…
This time instead of ecosystems I had planned to use my GMO equipment to grow meat animals! Sounded good at the time, the sky park I am currently distancing myself from turned out to be Vegetarians, Vegans they called themselves, or something like that, talk about a close call! When they boarded my home to inspect before letting me hook the torus up to their life support the Park Police found all the animals I had processed for sale.
Tons of meat all cut into small pieces, wrapped in transparent plastic, and on display as the six inspectors lost their shit, they took all the meat, ejected it from the parks outer shell and came very close to sending me after it! Confiscated as much of my equipment they could, and it followed the meat out into space.
Told me how lucky I was to be allowed to live and briskly ejected me and my home back out into free orbit. It didn’t seem to matter all the meat was lab grown and no actual living animals were ever involved…
Now the sky park and am approaching says they welcome meat, claim themselves as self-styled carnivores, they say I’ll fit right in…

Should I have told them all my equipment is destroyed beyond repair? Probably, but what the hell, there is always the next sky park…

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