Moon picture

moon pic

Here is a picture of the Moon I took on the 3rd February 2012. The picture was taken using my 7MP Advent digital camera (“point and click”) directly through the eyepiece of my Bresser Skylux NG 70-700 retractor. I used a Moon filter and 20mm eyepiece.

The results are ok. I will post more as I take them.

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  1. Hi. I have the same telescope. I also own a Nikon d3100. But I don’t know what it takes to mount the camera on the telescope. I’ve read something about ‘a t-ring’ and’ noise piece’ but I’m not sure. Could you please tell me what you use so I won’t buy something useless and spend my money pointlessly. And some websites to order. Thank you in advance ,

    1. Hi George,

      All I did was hold the camera up to the eye peice. Not all the photos come our good, but if you hold steady you can get okay pictures. I have never tried any kind of mount.

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