Graduates in the labour market 2012

As I have already talked about in other posts, recent graduates are talking on more and more lower skilled jobs and are increasingly facing longer periods of unemployment.

The Office of National Statistics have complied data about this. Below is a short video outlining their findings.


The trend is to my mind not very healthy for society. First graduates are talking jobs from those that are less skilled. This only compounds the overall unemployment levels of this country. Secondly individuals must be questioning the point of their degree and higher degrees. Financial as well as personal sacrifices are made to gain a good education, unfortunately for many this is not really going to pay off.

The report itself is available in pdf format here.

One thought on “Graduates in the labour market 2012”

  1. In my opinion graduates should be less focused on finding ‘jobs’ and should be more focused on working closely with their fellow graduates, networking, and think tanking ideas that will get them going in their fields. In my own case I am focusing a good deal of my time reviewing the legislation with respect to facility qualifications and am looking at markets where I can fill a product demand. I hope to find like minded others and hope to have an active revenue on graduation that will support my research. This is how I would expect the worlds leaders in science to represent. I’m looking around however, and where I am right now I’m staring at the many who will get degrees and take jobs that they are supposedly overqualified for. Are they really overqualified if they can’t step up?

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