More fun with Julia sets

I have been rather creative and explored an interesting Julia set. I will say that I picked it for the way it looks, rather than anything scientific. I make no claims that this Julia set is of any real mathematical interest, nor that it is related to any interesting dynamical system or anything like that.


Here is part of the Julia set for \(F_{c}=(1 + \sin(z) ) \log(|z|)\) and with \(c = – 0.5 i + 2 \). I have included grid lines to help us navigate.

So, let us have a closer look.








The self-similarity in this Julia set is quite striking. the generic features here are also quite generic; the branching off and swirls.

Science cash hike 'a wise gamble', say Brain Cox


“The UK science budget is about £5.5bn each year… on a government spend of over 600 billion. That’s for everything – medical research, Cern, engineering, arts and humanities; the whole thing. It’s below most global averages, the OECD’s for example,”

Prof. Brian Cox, University of Manchester

Prof. Brian Cox was speaking at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen. The Manchester University researcher was speaking before his guest lecture at the festival.

He also pointed out that public engagement with science was vital to the future sustainability and growth of British science.


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