LaTex Accents

I always forget how to add accents in LaTex within the standard text. So I have placed some of them here, as much for myself as anyone else.

LaTeX command Sample Description
\`{o} ò grave accent
\'{o} ó acute accent
\^{o} ô circumflex
\"{o} ö umlaut or diaeresis
\H{o} ő long Hungarian umlaut
\~{o} õ tilde
\c{c} ç cedilla
\k{a} ą ogonek
\l ł l with stroke
\={o} ō macron accent (a bar over the letter)
\b{o} o bar under the letter
\.{o} ȯ dot over the letter
\d{u} dot under the letter
\r{a} å ring over the letter (for å there is also the special command \aa)
\u{o} ŏ breve over the letter
\v{s} š caron/hacek (“v”) over the letter



Bilston Community college loses international student license

Bilston Community college, a privately-run college in the Black Country, has lost its “Tier 4 Visa” license. The collage claims that about 60% of its 200 or so students are international.

The rules for this level of visa license are quite strict; for example a college has to ensure students attend classes regularly and that its teaching is of sufficient quality. There are other rules that must be adhered to.

Where we find evidence that sponsors are not fulfilling their duties we will suspend or remove their license.

We can confirm that Bilston Community College had its Tier 4 license revoked on 26 October, with immediate effect.

The UK Border Agency


Bilston Community College

BBC News